Can I buy the Sun

"These are the best I have ever owned, they are comfortable, straps are long enough to reach to hold them, they cover my entire nose. I thank you for such a great product and will be ordering more." - Walter, PA USA

"Please know that the NozKon is the ultimate protective creation for nose protection.
So thankful for this product especially after having radiation on my nose. Thank you." - Carolyn

"I have to say, NozKon customer service is over the top." - Wayne

"The NozKon has made my life in Mexico much more comfortable. I wear an SPF scarf over my face. The NozKon under the scarf provides a pocket of air so I can breathe freely. I am so pleased. 5 stars." - Roberta, retired registered nurse

"Love your product, it is the greatest. Hiking, running, sailing, etc. I've already had 10 lifetimes worth of sun and I don't need any more on my nose." - Doug

"I'm very pleased with my NK's. I wore one in a tennis tourn. in BC last week, where there were 3200 participants and several people asked me about my NK -Thanks again. - Floyd

ps. I won 2 gold medals in the 69-74 age group, so am feeling rather excited. I can't say it was my NK that helped me win, but it obviously didn't hinder my playing ability!!"

"AWESOME product, everybody outdoors needs this thing. A friend just died after having his nose removed a year ago due to melanoma, if he had your gizmo for 30 years in the sun he'd be okay. Comfortable, does not obstruct vision, no messy ineffective sunscreen slime all over the place." - Doug

"Bought these for our cross country motorcycle trip (Florida to California). They were AWESOME. We were with a group of about 70 - wish we had bought more - we could have sold them all. Great product!!!" - Rebecca, Florida USA