Can I marry my Aunts brother


Marriage to your niece is not permissible in Islam, as shown in the evidence already given. It is also not legal in most countries.

We do not know the details of this situation, such as how old you and she are, if you have had a relationship, what her feelings are with regards your desire for her. These would help people to give advice on what to do next.

Without meaning to sound judgemental, if your niece is still a child, you need to seek help for having these feelings about her and should make contact with your doctor. You need to ensure you are never alone with her and if you feel you cannot control yourself near her, you may wish to consider moving away from her family.

If you are both legally adults, you still need to avoid being alone with her and still need to lower your gaze.

You do not need to force yourself into a marriage, and indeed this would not be fair on the woman you married - nobody would be happy to learn that their new husband still desired someone else and had to force himself to get married.

Instead, work to strengthen your faith and do good deeds. Study the Quran and hadiths, learn more about the life of our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). Go to your masjid and participate in groups and classes there - this will not only help you learn but will help you make contact with people who will inshaAllah inspire you to further strengthen your faith. Find a charitable project to support and get involved in making your community better.

By strengthening your relationship with Allah, surrounding yourself with positive influences, seeking professional help if needed, and avoiding inappropriate and nonessential contact with your niece, inshaAllah you should be able to put these feelings to one side and move on.

Midnightmoon editor