Do apartment cats suffer from depression

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Tip 83 – Can my cat get depressed – depressed cat – cat depression

Just like humans, cats can suffer from depression. The usual reasons they become depressed involve major changes (in the mind of the cat, or the human for that matter) to their routine. Changing cat food or kitty litter (both the brands and/or the location) can be reasons why your kitty has become depressed. Moving, the death or introduction of a family member or another pet, divorce, fighting, are all fairly common reasons why cats get depressed. Cats are quite sensitive to the general well being of their owners and if the owners are stressed out and acting unusually, cats are likely to pick up on this. Signs that your cat has become depressed can include; eating very little, sleeping more than usual, loss of interest in playing and exploring, decline in grooming, excessive vocalizing, withdrawal from its owner and not using the litter box. Even though cats are usually lower down on the totem pole, don’t forget about your cat during times of change. Try to spend extra moments with your cat during stressful times or if the cat seems depressed. It will do you both good.

Another common reason cats become depressed is simple boredom. When their owners are away all day every day, there is little for cats to do. If at all possible try to get someone to come and interact with your cat when you are away for long periods of time. Buy a couple of new cat toys and take them out before you go out for the day. Then when you get back, make sure to play and interact with your cat. Some game suggestions can be found here.

If your cat is showing signs of depression, a vet visit is a must. Your vet will help try and figure out what’s causing, and how to treat your kitty’s depression. Sometimes medication for short or longer periods can be of help. Often reversing the stressor and reverting back to a normal routine will solve the depression from the cat’s end. Either way, a plan involving your vet’s input will be the quickest way to cure your cat’s depression.