Do girls call a guy bhaiyya intentionally


So... this is a OS which was supposed to be a short and light read. It's still a light read but not so short... Basically, this is Rumya from Om and Shivaay's PoV  -  so, not so much Rumya as it is Obbros    It just came out like that, lol. So, this is basically dedicated to my girls from the ATs who are probably expecting too much out of this. I hope it at least makes you guys smile  

A last warning: Not profread, yet. I am a lazy person, what can I do?  

Anyway, enjoy!


The girlfriend who wasn't a girlfriend...

...or was she?


"Well? Are you going to answer or not?"

Omkara opened his mouth and closed it again, not sure what exactly to say. Apparently, not the best of things to do if he were to judge the young woman's expression. Or rather, women. Left, right, in front of him, everywhere, and at his back was the co-driver's door of his car. How did he even let this horde of females corner him like this? Damn, they caught him off-guard, jumping as soon as Shivaay had left him alone to attend to a phone call. That traitor - not that he knew about being one.

Sighing quietly, Omkara risked a look over the sea of females, hoping against hope to see either of his brothers. When that didn't happen, he directed his attention back to the ladies, specifically the brunette at the foremost front. Was it even allowed to wear such revealing clothes in college? Those pants barely covered half of her thighs! And it wasn't that warm.

"If I knew what you're talking about, I could help you out, uh..."

"Neha," the girl said curtly. Huh, that did sound familiar, somehow. "And we want to know everything about Soumya!" That, on the other hand, didn't.

"Soumya who?"

"Rudra's girlfriend!" Neha hissed exasperatedly.

"Which one?" Om wondered, and only realized how insensitive that sounded once it had left his mouth. Some of these women could be Rudra's exes, after all! And even if not, someone who would be interested in Rudra surely would be hurt by hearing that the boy got around a lot. Though, no one was attacking him, as of yet, which was a good sign, he assumed.

Neha, both hands on her hips, stared at him as if he were an idiot. Maybe to her he was. Well, he didn't like her either, he decided. "The one because of whom Rudra hasn't been looking at any other girl since weeks!"

"What?!" Now, it was his turn to stare at her as if a rainbow was shooting out of her head. Surely, he must have misheard. "Could you repeat that?"

"Soumya!" someone else shouted, and he honestly couldn't make out who exactly. Was that even a girl's voice? "His girlfriend for weeks already!"

Heard correctly, then. Yet, it was hard to grasp. Rudra and a relationship that lasted longer than one of his mood swings? It sounded so surreal. And that idiot hadn't told him about this? Not even a single hint had been there! He had to find out about his brother's girlfriend from total strangers! What if he and Shivaay hadn't come to the college, today? Oh, that was so not done.

Omkara cleared his throat. "Err, where is Rudra, anyway?"

"Probably out on a date with Soumya," Neha huffed. Dear Lord, that woman appeared to be of the kind who wouldn't hesitate to scratch out your eyes and gloat about it. "What's so special about her, anyway? She isn't even that pretty!"

She wasn't really expecting an answer from him, was she? He had no idea who this Soumya person was let alone what Rudra saw in her. Though, if she truly was dating him and that too for weeks, already, she had to be very special.

"What's going on here?"

Thank you, God. Thank you! Omkara threw a desperate look toward the approaching Shivaay upon which his brother's already present scowl deepened. And the famous Shivaay Singh Oberoi glare did have its usual effect: scaring the group of sharks enough that they avoided looking at him and dispersed faster than Omkara could blink. Miracles do happen, huh.

Letting his shoulders sink in relief, Omkara slumped a little against the car and sighed. Though, he was still dazed, disbelief wreaking havoc in his mind.

"What was that about?" Shivaay wondered as he walked up to him. "Normally, it's Rudra who needs saving from that."

"Rudra," Om whispered hoarsely. "Oh, God. Shivaay! Rudra!"

Fingers closed around his forearm in an iron grip and forced him to face his brother fully. Worry was swimming in Shivaay's green eyes with the barest hint of panic. "What happened to him? Is he fine?"

Omkara shook his head, opened and closed his mouth without any sound leaving it.

The fingers dug deeper into his arm. "Om!"

"He..." Om opened his eyes a little wider, still trying to process what he had just learnt. "He has a girlfriend!"

Shivaay raised a single eyebrow at him, unimpressed. He pushed his arm away with a bit more force than necessary, buried his hands in the pockets of his pants and glared at him darkly. "Are you mad? You scared the..." A huff, deep and irritated, left his lips. "Seriously!"

For a split second, Omkara felt a spark of guilt flicker through him but it was gone as soon as it appeared. "No, Shivaay. You don't understand!"

"Rudra has a girlfriend," Shivaay said. "Like every other day ever since he learned that girls don't actually have cooties."

"Yeah, that was one weird talk we had with him." Om shook himself before he could delve into that particular memory. Focus. Focus! "But, no. He has... like... serious. Weeks! Maybe he hit his head and is suffering from internal bleedings and we-"

"What the hell are you going on about?!" his brother cut him off sharply. "Rudra's Fumble Oberoi and you are Eloquent Oberoi, so behave your part, okay?"

"And now, he has turned into Humble Oberoi," he said, nonplussed. "He has a girlfriend, Shivaay. It's been going on for weeks! One girl for weeks and he didn't tell us!"

Shivaay blinked at him. One second, two, three, four... and he burst into low chuckles. Unsure whether he should be offended or pity the other, Omkara waited until Shivaay had calmed down enough to breathe normally. He was still grinning, though. "Okay, honestly, Om. Are you drunk?"

Ignoring the comment, Omkara explained, "That's why those girls, and maybe boys," he added thoughtfully, "were ready to devour me alive! They wanted information on Soumya."

"Soumya who?" The amusement was slowly draining out of Shivaay's features and was replaced by a troubled frown. Was he finally breaking through?

Omkara suppressed an annoyed sigh. Patience. Of course, Shivaay would have problems understanding the gravity of the situation - he still hadn't! "Apparently the one and only in Rudra's life."

"And I thought that spot was reserved for us," Shivaay mumbled, paused, and corrected, "Two and only."

Silence descended upon them as they both tried to grasp what was happening. It wasn't the fact that Rudra had finally decided to try a long term relationship that miffed Omkara but that his little brother hadn't uttered a single word of it to them. No, that wasn't correct. He wasn't miffed - judging from the ache rippling through his chest he was more hurt than anything else.

When Rudra had lost his first teeth, he had come crying to him, scared to death that his teeth were falling out because he didn't brush them enough. When a stupid idea popped into his head in the middle of the night, he burst into his room without a second thought to startle him out of a well-deserved sleep. When he destroyed any of Shivaay's things by mistake, it was he who was used as a protective shield. All the A's he had gotten for his arts' projects in school were because Omkara had made them for him.

And now, when he was experiencing one of the most important phases of his life, he decided to keep him out of it? Them out of it all?

To be fair, his conscious stirred, we have been quite negligent of him, for some time.

Which was true as much as Omkara loathed to admit it. Majority of his time had been either spent with Riddhima who wanted to keep true to her promise to demand his maximum attention, or in his arts' studio. Once or twice he had also stumbled upon that woman with the black eye, thoughts of the pain of an almost stranger plaguing him. And Shivaay? He had his own set of problems with breaking up with Tia and this strange relationship that had developed between him and Anika. There was something weird going on there, something which Omkara hadn't fully recognized, yet.

Rudra... had been neglected. Not intentionally and it hadn't been that obvious, at first. But recently, even Rudra seemed to refuse to bother them with his presence. No sleep disturbances, no late-meal demands, no tasteless poetry, nothing. It was strange, wasn't it? How someone's silence seemed louder than their constant chatting. They shouldn't have been this stupid to let other things distract them in such a way, Shivaay and he were very well aware of that hence, why they had decided to surprise their goofball by picking him from college and having an outing together. Well, in the end, it was them who got the surprise.

"Okay," Shivaay suddenly said and hit his palm against the roof of the car. "Where is that boy?"

Omkara shrugged helplessly. "No idea. He hasn't come out which he, normally, should have already done. I was told he might be on a date with Soumya."

"Fine!" Shivaay huffed before fishing out his mobile phone. He dialed a number and waited patiently until his phone was received. "Find out where Rudra is and send me the locations."

Disbelievingly, Omkara raised both his brows while he pushed himself away from the car's door. "You keep tabs on him?"

"Call it whatever you want," was his brother's crisp reply.

"Shivaay!" Unbelievable. Did Rudra pick up his spying habit from Shivaay? "What are you planning to do? Go and spy on his date?"

Shivaay grinned, crooked and dangerous. "Exactly."

That guy... "We cannot do that! We cannot breach his privacy like this!"

"Oh, c'mon!" He stabbed his right forefinger against Omkara's chest. "When has he ever cared about our privacy?"

Point. Omkara deflated a little, and watched as Shivaay walked to the other side of the car. "But, it's still wrong." Just because Rudra did something, they had to do it, as well? Two wrongs didn't make one right.

Shivaay grimaced. "Om, just think for a moment. Someone managed to gain Rudra's attention for this long. How can we be sure this girl is sincere? Honest? Maybe she is after his money. Maybe she is an enemy trying to target him because he is our weakness!"

Was it just him or did this sound rather melodramatic? Though, the sad thing was that Omkara couldn't really protest because all these could be true cases. Rudra was nave and gullible. Anyone could try to take advantage of that. And the last thing he wanted was for his brother to be hurt after he finally decided to invest his heart in a relationship.

He let out a puff of defeated air. "I hate you."


"Isn't that...?"

"Yeah." Shivaay squinted to get a better look at the girl who was walking up and down in front of Rudra, an ice cone in one hand, the other waving animatedly in the air while she was talking. Rudra was sitting on the third last step of the stoned staircase that led down to a park avenue, and he was smiling and listening closely. "The girl from the hospital."

"The Angel," Omkara said as he leaned even more over his shoulder to have a better look. "Huh. Who would have thought that?"

Definitely not them. This girl - Soumya? - was nothing like the other females Rudra usually hung around. She didn't fit into his normal type, not at all, which was very strange, indeed. Though, Shivaay had often wondered how serious Rudra's "type" truly was because it seldom seemed as if his brother was really and honestly interested in anyone. He could put on that Prince Charming smile of his as much as he wanted, it never completely fooled Shivaay. Yes, he hadn't ever spoken openly about his doubts but that was due to the reason that he believed Rudra would grow and learn at his own pace.

Apparently, he did faster than they had expected.

"Still think she is some kind of evil personified?" Om whispered into his ear.

Shivaay took a step back so that he could stand completely behind one of the two posts guarding the staircase and brush of his brother's weight. Turning half around toward Omkara, he shrugged. "Anything is possible. Innocent faces could be hiding the most sinister sides." Tia had seemed innocent, hadn't she? Maybe sinister was too harsh a word but someone who despised his brothers wasn't anything less to him.

"Really?" Om huffed, sarcasm prevalent in his voice. "That girl sang a song for you. She brought black coffee for Rudra and offered me her half eaten sandwich. She came in and rushed out like a breeze - you think that was fake?"

Well, he had a point. Soumya hadn't seemed anything but sincere in the hospital but still... Shivaay couldn't just discard that nagging feeling of worry, he never could when it came to his youngest brother. If Rudra had decided that he wanted to be in a real relationship, Shivaay wouldn't allow him to end up being hurt. That was not an option.

"Shivaay," Om sighed, exasperated. He gently tugged at his arm. "You are all tensed."

Oh. Staring down at himself, Shivaay inhaled deeply a few times and forced his muscles to relax. He hadn't even realized that he had, unconsciously, tensed up. Observing his actions, Omkara nodded, satisfied, and smiled. "Look, we can talk to Rudra about this when he comes home, okay? Enough of spying on him!"

"Om, maybe- is that a paratha?" Incredulous, Shivaay shouldered past Omkara and leaned over the first step, one hand on his forehead shadowing his eyes. He might be hallucinating but it surely looked as if Soumya had thrust a paratha into Rudra's hands. Rudra was unrolling it and breaking off a piece though, he was clearly hesitating. "Om, I think I have gone mad." And without Anika's help, wow.

"I think you are not the only one, bro," Omkara muttered drily. "You are right, something has to be wrong with her. Is she a magician?"

And woah, now Rudra was eating the paratha. Enough was enough. "Let's question them!"

"Wait!" Shivaay had already started to move when Omkara jerked him back forcefully. "You can't just walk down to them!"

He raised a single eyebrow at him. "Oh, really? Just watch me."

"We'll have to admit that we were spying on them!"


Clutching both his shoulders in a tight grip, Om stared at him seriously. "Shivaay, do you really want to admit in front of Rudra that we are just as childish as he is by spying on him?"

"Well..." He wouldn't let them live this one down, and Shivaay shivered at the mere thought of that smug and knowing smile of their Dumbbell Oberoi. Wait. "You talk as if Rudra spies on us regularly."

Om cleared his throat, put a bit of distance between them and chuckled nervously. "Really? I didn't realize."

"Never ever try to lie, seriously," Shivaay advised him. And if he was honest, it wouldn't surprise him if he was correct with his assumption about Rudra. That boy had no sense of privacy, whatsoever. They needed to have a talk about that. "Fine. Let's pester him at home."

Om visibly relaxed. "Good. Let's go."

Still hesitant, Shivaay glanced back at the two who were now sitting side by side, Rudra was talking animatedly and Soumya was barely controlling her laughter. He seemed... happy. When trying to impress girls, Rudra oozed of confidence and was excited for the challenge. But he never was this happy.

His heart ached at the sight. He could protect Rudra from everything and anything, he had been doing that for years, but he couldn't protect him from his own emotions. What if...?

"Hey." Om stood right next to him and nudged his shoulder with his own, a small smile on his lips. "You know, we might be overreacting. Soumya might turn out to be a great girl."

Shivaay sighed, defeated, and nodded. "I hope so."


"Bhaiyya? What's this?"

"Food," Shivaay replied while he put the last of the three plates across the counter. The smell of mixed spices lingered in the air, most prominent that of the chicken. "Marinated chicken with couscous and salad." Pointing toward the fridge, he added, "And mango mousse for dessert."

"Wow, Bhaiyya! You went all out today."

"Tonight," Omkara, who had been going through the drawers on the other side of the kitchen to get forks and knives, added. "I didn't know that college's had classes this late."

The bright grin on Rudra's face deflated and instead, a confused frown appeared. He pushed away from the doorframes and walked up to the kitchen isle, hands on his hips. "But O, I wasn't in college. Isn't it bad enough that I waste my mornings there? Nights are sacred!"

"Waste?" Shivaay snorted and threw Om an amused glance. Typical. "And I thought we send you there so that you do not waste your life."

"You send me to torture me," he pouted.

"And apparently, to torture all those oh-so-poor girls, as well," Om muttered drily.

Someone can't forget his attack, Shivaay thought, barely able to suppress an amused chuckle. In hindsight, it was pretty funny how those ladies had cornered Om and how much his brother had resembled a deer caught in headlights, ready to be run over any time.

"Talking of which." He braced both his hands on the countertop and stared down at his fingers. Now or never. "Soumya?"

Out of the corner of his vision, he could see Rudra halt in his steps toward Om. "Huh?"

"Why did you never mention her?"

"Bhaiyya, I am maha confused." Rudra stole a fork from Omkara and pointed it at them both, one after another. "How do you know Soumu's name? I mean, that one time in the hospital, she didn't introduce herself, na."

Shivaay caught Omkara's ridiculous look over Rudra's shoulder. "Soumu?" they both repeated simultaneously.

Rudra's frown deepened. "Yes?"

There was... nothing. Shivaay couldn't make out a single hint that Rudra might he hiding something from them. He didn't seem to be nervous or shocked at being questioned about his girlfriend, just plainly surprised. As if this was no big deal, a fact that just fueled his worries more. Normally, Shivaay was able to detect a lie in Rudra's features within seconds. Who was giving that boy acting classes?

"Look," Om started though, paused, startled, when Rudra whirled around suddenly, fork still in his fingers. Eying said cutlery warily, he continued, "We were at your college today but didn't catch you. Your, err... admirers told us that you were out with Soumya."

Rudra folded one arm around his torso and nodded exaggeratedly. "Oh, so you don't actually know who she is! By the way, O, shouldn't you be on a date with Riddhima? And why were you even at my college?"

Weren't they supposed to do the questioning? How he hated it if things didn't go according to his plan. "We wanted to have an outing," he explained with forced patience. This whole situation was truly aggravating him. "A - a surprise outing, okay?"

"Surprise?" Rudra turned around toward him, left eyebrow raised impossibly high. "But it's not my birthday!"

Dear Lord... "Do we need a reason to surprise you? Really!"

Rudra's mouth snapped shut abruptly, and even Shivaay closed his own, mentally cursing himself. Seeing Om shake his head at him and Rudra's sulky scowl, Shivaay felt a wave of guilt stir in the pit of his stomach. What was it with him and letting out his frustration on Rudra, whether justified or not, recently? He needed to fix that. Those puppy expressions were bad enough if Rudra had committed any kind of stupidity, they were worse for his conscience if he hadn't- or didn't realize he might have had.

Though, before he could say anything else, try to amend for his harsh tone, Omkara pushed past Rudra and raised his hands as if to keep them both physically apart. Which they already were... "Okay, you know what? We are mature adults. Well, mostly." At that, Rudra glared at him. "Let's talk like adults. C'mon." Grabbing Rudra's arm, he dragged him out of the kitchen despite his protests of "What about the food?" and taking the hint, Shivaay followed them. Late dinner would have to wait, it seemed.

Once they had reached Rudra's room, Omkara pushed him down on his bed and they both stood in front of him on either side, arms crossed over their chests. Rudra eyed them suspiciously. "That's a mature conversation? Ganging up on me? O-"

"Why didn't you tell us about Soumya?" Shivaay cut him off impatiently.

"Why are you going on and on about that?" Rudra whined. "I didn't know you kept tabs on my friends!"

"Friends?" Om snorted. "You don't have any friends. We are your only friends." As sad as it probably sounded, Shivaay had to agree. Rudra, apparently, didn't.

"Oh, yeah? Says the guy who spends more time fixing his hair than talking to human beings!"

"Logically speaking, that's not even possible and totally irrelevant to the discussion at hand."

"And who probably talks to his statuses when he thinks no one's listening!"

"You do that, actually."

"No, I don't!"

"Remember Patrick?"

"Focus!" Shivaay gritted through clenched teeth and felt a little spark of satisfaction when they shut up. Children. "We are not talking about Om's hair or Patrick. No," he emphasized when he saw that Rudra wanted to protest which had him huff in indignation. "We are talking about your girlfriend and why you didn't tell us about her!"

The desired reaction did not occur - no guilt, no stammering explanations, nothing of the sort. Instead, Rudra blinked at them, confusion marring his face. He opened his mouth, closed it and opened it again while at the same time raising his right forefinger to draw invisible lines in the air like he always did when he was trying to understand something.

This reaction, in turn, confused Shivaay. What the hell?

"Girlfriend?" Rudra repeated and it sounded so ridiculous coming from him. "What girlfrie... oh." Suddenly, the confusion seeped out of his features only to be replaced by disbelief. "You think Soumu's my girlfriend? Why would you think that?"

Stunned, Shivaay unfolded his arms. Seriously? He was denying it? "Rudra! I know she is not your typical type," He grimaced at that, "but still, denying your relationship is childish."

"But Bhaiyya-"

"Granted, she's different than all your other girlfriends, if you can call them that," Om agreed, clearly not amused. "But that's not a reason to feel ashamed. She seemed like such a sweet girl!"

"How would-"

"You have never hidden any such thing from us, Rudra," Shivaay continued without missing a beat. "If there is anything wrong, we want to know it now."


"And if this is some kind of revenge because we have been, err, occupied, lately." Nice way to put it, Om. "Then it's simply ridiculous."

"You haven't been occupied!" Rudra snorted. "I have been neglected for weeks! How could you?"

Shivaay was ready to reply in their defense but the words were stuck in his throat as soon as he saw. Although, Rudra had said it in his typically whiny tone, he wasn't quick enough to hide the flicker of hurt from his eyes. To him, it was as clear as glass, and it left him frozen. This...

When he had gone abroad to study at Cambridge, the most difficult part had been to explain to Rudra why that had been necessary for him. It had been even harder to bear his decision after one of his daily calls back at home. Rudra would put on a brave face and didn't threw a tantrum like he had when he first found out about Shivaay's plans, but he had never been successful in hiding his hurt - especially if Shivaay missed a call for one or two days. "How could you?" had his brother screamed one time, the very last. "How can you forget us?"

Rudra resembled that much younger self of his a lot in this very moment, and the mere sight made Shivaay's insides tighten painfully.

"Om," he whispered, nodded toward Rudra and sat down next to him. Omkara did the same, his expression as guilty as Shivaay felt. Their brother wasn't looking at any of them, his gaze fixed somewhere in the distance, fingers clenched around the bedsheets. Placing his hand on Rudra's head, Shivaay sighed. "We are shitty brothers, aren't we?"

"Hmm, sometimes," Rudra mumbled.

"But that's why we wanted to surprise you," Omkara said from the other side. "We have been so preoccupied with our own problems... but that's no excuse. And we wanted to make it up to you but..."

"I wasn't there."

"Yes. So..." Shivaay inclined his chin a little, encouraging Omkara to continue when he caught his questioning glance. "You didn't tell us about Soumya because you were mad at us, yes?"

"Why are you insisting that Soumya and I are in a relationship?" Rudra asked desperately as he jumped up. "I would know if I were in one, wouldn't I?"

Huh. "But those girls from your college said you were." That's what Omkara had told him, wasn't it?

Rudra frowned. "Why do they think that?"

"Because you haven't been paying attention to any of them for weeks," Shivaay explained. "And apparently, are spending most of your time with her."

"Yes, she is a very good friend." Okay, now it was proven: the boy wasn't lying or acting. He actually believed what he was sprouting.

"And you ignore hot girls for good friends?" Omkara asked doubtfully.

That made Rudra pause. Tapping his forefinger against his chin, he let out a surprised hum. "I didn't notice that I was doing that. I mean... I just don't feel like hooking up with anyone."

Shivaay felt a sharp tug at his sleeve and when he looked over, Omkara leaned toward him and hissed, "Is he in denial?"

He shrugged, uncertain what to do next. In front of himself, he could still see that smile that had lit up Rudra's whole face while he had been in Soumya's presence. You didn't smile like that for friends, did you? And there had to be a reason why everyone thought these two were dating!

"And anyway, how did you know that Soumu's not my typical type? Do you know who she is?"

Oh-oh. Shivaay hastily elbowed Om when the guy parted his lips, and smiled apologetically at the pained glare he received in return. Sorry, but if Om tried to lie... well, he wasn't the best of liars. "You see... err, well... you mentioned hospital!"

The suspicion didn't seem to dim if the way Rudra's brows shot even higher was any indication, so he added, "You mentioned it earlier, remember? That she didn't introduce herself in the hospital. And personally, I remember only meeting one girl there."

"Not a girl, an angel," Omkara supplied unhelpfully. "So, she really isn't your girlfriend?"

"No-ho!" Rudra denied although, he sounded much calmer by now. And his voice lacked the bite it had carried earlier. "We're friends."

Suspiciously, Shivaay narrowed his eyes. Was it his imagination or was something off? It wasn't obvious but still, it felt as if he was missing an important piece of this puzzle. "So, if this friend were to offer you food that you hate," he said carefully. "Like, uh, I don't know, a paratha? Would you eat it?" He could practically sense Omkara's incredulity, but what was he supposed to do? He had seen his baby brother eat what he hated the most hence, why only paratha came to his mind!

This caught Rudra off-guard. "I..." He pursed his lips, apparently thinking hard, and shrugged. "I don't hate parathas."

"Sure," he heard Om mutter sarcastically. "Okay, fine. Where were you for so long?"

"Gym!" Rudra immediately replied. "What, you thought I'd have been out with Soumu for so long?"

Pushing himself up from the bed, Shivaay waved his right hand in a peaceful gesture. "Okay, fine, let's drop it."

Rudra's mouth formed into a devilish grin that had his hackles raised. "All of it? I think you two owe me big time! You know, for hurting poor, sensitive me so much."

Omkara was standing a little behind Shivaay and touched his arm lightly, his own lips pulled down into a grimace. It never bode too well for them if they owed this oversized child anything. "What?"

The grin turned softer and lost its mischievous edge. "Make up the whole time to me!"

Shivaay exhaled and all his tension seeped out along with it, as well. He moved forward and pulled Rudra into a tight hug. Such a simple request shouldn't have to be spoken out. "We are sorry, you know that, right?"

Suddenly, Omkara joined them, literally throwing himself on them and eliciting a surprised grunt from Shivaay. "And we'll make it up to you."

"No girls, just us?" Rudra asked hopefully.

Of course. Shivaay pushed himself away and Om alongside, grinning amusedly at his little brother. "Promise."

Visibly relieved, Rudra let out a relieved laugh. "Great! And now, I am really starving!"

"After you," Om said and indicated toward the door. Once Rudra rushed out, skipping all the way, Om turned toward him, a mix of amusement and doubt coloring his features. "To be honest, that idiot could fall into a relationship without realizing it."

"So, you think there is something, too?" Bless Om who understood him so well.

"You have seen him with her, haven't you? If there's nothing now, there will be pretty soon. Or... well, could be."

"If our Dumbbell Oberoi realizes his feelings." Which reminded him... taking out his phone, he dialed the number of Khanna and waited until the man picked up.

"Yes, Sir?"

"There's this girl in Rudra's college, he spends a lot of time with her. Soumya is her name. Do a thorough background research and also, find out when it's best to approach her outside of college."

"Err, okay."


"You have to be kidding me, Shivaay."

"What?" He put the phone away and returned Omkara's skeptic look with an innocent one. "What?"

"Didn't you just say that we'd let the matter drop?"

He raised his left shoulder nonchalantly. "I'll take you along to meet her."

Om chuckled. "Fine, fine."

"Bhaiyya! O! Where are you? I'll eat it all by myself!"

"His Highness is calling," Shivaay smiled, grabbed Om's arm and dragged him out. They honestly had been hungry for long enough because of Rudra.

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