Do guys like slim girls?no_redirect=1

"I've begun to notice that not only to guys find big boobs and a big butt attractive but they like curvy girls" - Some guys prefer bigger, curvier bodies. Some girls prefer slimmer types. Some guys prefer something in the middle. Most guys are willing to date a range of types. Ultimately it comes down to the individual. No one body type is the single type that all guys will like. Most guys will probably at least like your slimmer body type, but some may have a stronger preference for something a little different. Different strokes for different folks. No, you're not going to be the perfect girl for EVERY guy. But there are plenty of guys you will be perfect type for. Find someone who likes what you've got and go with it.

"Does body and appearance play that much of a role in relationships that this is what is going wrong for me all the time?" - I doubt it. As Kingslayer said, "They started dating you initially so I doubt it was your body type that resulted in the breakups. For men, initial attraction is very important, so, if they were put off by your body type, they likely wouldn't have dated you to begin with." More than likely, they started dating you because they liked your body, then broke up with you after they got to know you.

"(Btw you might say is it something about my personality or who I'm going for, but I'm generally a very laid back)" - That doesn't tell us much about you. Or about them for that matter. There is a lot more to being in a relationship than just looking pretty and being laid back. There are views I have (social, religious, political, familial, relationship, etc.) that I need my partner to share with me. If she doesn't, she's not for me. My wife and I are compatible in many areas. If we weren't, I would have broken up with her long ago. I needed someone who enjoyed sports and support me in the degree to which I play them. I needed someone who shared my views on religion. On raising children. On where our relationship was going. There is the way she handles finances. Her intelligence. Her kindness to others. These are all aspects of her personality that would drive me crazy and lead me to break up with her if they were wildly different. I don't know what your personality is like, and frankly I don't really care because it doesn't really matter for this discussion. What matters is whether you were compatible to those guys....and specifically whether THEY thought you were compatible. Clearly they didn't. Now maybe there is something you say or do in general that you could improve on that would give you better success. But more than likely, you just weren't compatible with those guys in their eyes. It happens.