Do we truly have free speech

OK, what are some of these horrible repercussions that you refer to, who has suffered some of these, and when and where has this happened. You have freedom of expression in this country, and no one is denying that freedom to you. Where do people get the notion that our freedoms are under attack? Who stops you from speaking your mind, and what are they doing to you, or what are they threatening you with?

If you are talking about so many people criticizing the government, and then being criticized for disloyalty, that is a stinky kettle of fish. No matter what side of that debate you are on, people will take verbal pot shots at you, so you better get used to it. I hate it when people criticize the President or the government (which they have a right to do, and I would die to defend that right), but yell "Censorship" or "Our Freedom is Under Attack" if anyone dares to challenge or refute their criticism...

You edited your question to include:

"okay it was just a question to see what folks say, i've never really had any repurcussions, but others have. i think that's crappy that just because someone says something that you may disagree with that you feel you have to attack them. i know most people aren't that extreme, and i know that if we exercise our freedom of speech that sometimes there will be consequences."

I repeat - what others, have had repercussions, and what kind of persecution or suffering or even inconvenience did they have? You call what I say an attack, I call it my own free speech, and that is the rub - people can go around saying any sort of thing at all - and that is their free speech. If I refute or challenge that criticism - I am attacking and somehow infringing upon their freedom of speech. That's bull. Too many people are lazy thinkers, do not research their statements and throw crap out there and want it to stand alone - unchallenged. Freedom of speech is a two way conversation, and if you have a right to criticize anything and everything - especially when you do not cite any resources or offer any proof - I have the same right to challenge you and refute what you are saying. That is the basis of our democracy, and it's all about fairness. Free speech is free speech - I would die to defend your right to say stupid, unsupported drivel - but I am not willing to forfeit my right to speak as well. If you have something to say, be willing to support and substantiate, or at least be man enough to accept the criticism.