Does a Labrador retriever speak

If Labrador Retriever has come across your path;

It is time for you to explore the concept of “Unconditional Acceptance”. Most of our world leaders these days speak about tolerance and how we must all tolerate the differences in others around us. The problem is that by using tolerance we are not accepting others for who they are. Take a lesson from the Labrador Retriever and know that we are all creatures of Spirit no matter what species we are. Know that others have their own paths – and though it is okay disagree with what they say and do – we must learn to accept them unconditionally. Even what we perceive as darkness must have light somewhere simply because there cannot be light without the dark.

If Labrador Retriever is your Animal Totem;

You will have a reputation for being the one of the most accepting and loving of persons. You practice “Unconditional Acceptance” at all times and never pass judgement on others for their differences or choices in life. You understand the concept “There by the grace of God go I”. You know how to set your boundaries and yet are compassionately generous with your love, bounty, and wisdom. People often turn to you for advice simply because they know that they will not be judged for their indiscretions.

You also have a tendency to rescue people or attempt to rescue those that do not wish to be rescued. You have to find a balance within yourself because you cannot fix everything.

If Labrador Retriever has come into your dreams;

If Labrador Retriever comes to you in your dreams know that you have made the right choice for yourself recently. He is signal that you are on the right path with your dreams and ambitions as well as with your family and friends. If the Dog is bringing you a bird know that a spiritual breakthrough is imminent for you. If the Retriever is walking by your side then it signifies companionship in the form of a soul mate has either come to you or will be coming to you soon.

Additional Associations for Labrador Retriever

You must be fully aware before you can come from a place of unconditional acceptance.

-Labrador Retriever

  1. July 22, 2018
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