Does ELITMUS need any coaching

Problem Solving and Reasoning20 Questions200 Marks35 – 90 marks = 75 – 95 percentileYes
Quantitative Aptitude20 Questions200 Marks50 – 80 marks = 75 – 95 percentileYes
Verbal20 Questions200 Marks95 – 160 marks = 65 – 90 percentileYes
Total60 Questions600 MarksYes

eLitmus pH test and eLitmus Placement Papers Negative Marking Rule

Now read this very carefully eLitmus used to have this -10 negative marking rule for each question  earlier and some websites still show that it exists in 2018. But, the -10 negative marking rule for each question isn’t there anymore. We contacted eLitmus directly and they said it will not be there in the future.

New eLitmus Negative Marking Rule –  Now Negative marking starts after 25% of the attempted questions turn out to be wrong. For e.g. If you have attempted 16 questions then the total number of wrong answers you are allowed is 4. If you get less than 4 questions wrong, then there will be no negative marking. If you get 10 wrong, then 6 of them will draw a negative mark of 50% each. Each section is treated independently for negative marking.

Old eLitmus Negative Marking Rule – 

  • There will be -10 Negative Marking for each wrong question.
  • Even if you do 1 question wrong you will get -10 for that question.
  • No negative marks for unattempted eLitmus questions.

The hardest section in eLitmus is Problem Solving followed by Quants and English Verbal which is the easiest and thus 99 percentile is only when you score more than 99.