Does Hinduism teach respect for women

Hinduism promotes respect, loyalty, sharing, giving, etc. We give respect to people and our religion. We are loyal and giving to people by helping others and welcoming others wherever you/they go. Virtues Hinduism promotes: 1. Inquisitiveness: Hinduism promotes understanding of every aspect of life, including Hinduism itself. It doesn't encourage blind faith. In fact, science is an integral part of Hinduism 2. Freedom: Hinduism encourages people to be free. There is no code of conduct in Hinduism and just guidelines. 3. Interaction: Hinduism encourages interaction of all classes of people. 4. Equality: In Hinduism there is dynamic equality. Every class of people and every class of people have to become slaves cyclically. Thus, Hindu equality is the better than other kinds of equality in which people of higher classes just tolerate people of lower classes. 5. Sensibility: Hinduism doesn't encourage change of class by an individual just because he wishes. The person can enter a different class if and only if he can afford it. 6. Preservation of Absolute Knowledge: In Hinduism a layman leads a life based on beliefs, which enables to make his life better. However, if the beliefs make him fail repeatedly he can easily know the absolute facts about Hinduism, which make Hinduism absolutely reliable. In Hinduism beliefs and Absolute facts are directly related. 7. Sacredness of thinking: Hinduism promotes the facts that thinking is very sacred. It associates each kind of thinking as a god and makes Hindus to worship them. The different kinds of thinking are, a. Dreaming - Indra b. Illusory thinking - Shakti c. Reasoning - Brahma d. Natural thinking - Vishnu e. Logic - Shiva f. Status altering thinking - Shani g. Compulsive thinking - Yama. Above these is the god of pure logic, the supreme Hindu god Brahman. 8. Broadmindedness: Hinduism promotes broadmindedness. The seven Basic Hindu gods enable us to have total control over our mind even in the extremities. This enables us to be absolutely broad minded. 9. Stress free life: Hinduism promotes stress free life. There are infinite Hindu gods, many of which can enable us to progress at amazing speeds. However, Hinduism considers Brahman, who can make our life absolutely stress free as the supreme god. 10. Innovation: The supreme god Brahman is meant to be used under ideal conditions. The basic gods are to be used under normal conditions. As life becomes more chaotic the properties of gods have to be redefined. This innovation, in which properties of basic gods is used in new combination, is totally acceptable in Hinduism 11. Tolerance: Hinduism tolerates other religions and imbibes the good aspects of those religions. 12.Self-sufficiency: Hinduism doesn't believe in conversion from other religions. Who ever wishes to come to Hinduism has to come on his own.