Does medical debt exist in Canada

Hi all

I have a question regarding entry to Canada and wondered if anyone might have any answers for me.

I studied in Quebec during my third year of university in 2001. One of the prerequisites of the university in Quebec be that you take out insurance with the university (otherwise you dont get your grades at the end of the year).

Unfortunately, I had an accident which required hospitalization for 3 months. Towards my 6 month in Canada, I was told by the insurance company that they were reneging on paying any of my bills. I had racked up a pretty sizeable debt (mainly due to the stay in hospital) and as a student, couldnt afford to pay any of it.

The hospital and ambulance service both chased me for a while in regards to payment (the ambulance service were pretty persistent, even contacting me back in the UK when I had returned) but I havent heard anything about it since 2002, pretty much after I left Canada.

Anyway, the point of my story is: I am travelling around the Americas at the moment and am considering a trip into Canada. Will these unpaid medical bills be something that will be connected to my passport details? Could I be denied entry to Canada, or worse, be let in and then arrested/hounded to pay these bills?

I'd be grateful of any advice