Does RBI hire MSc students from IGIDR


n thnk god you changed ur mind abt dat “naresh guy”…well,the books dat shud be reffered for different entrances would depend on the questions asked(pattern of which can be formulated by looking into past papers).

DSE–content is based upon DU’s economics hns course content. Books dat shud see u through–Varian(intermediate microeco)–Dornbusch and Branson(2 seperate books for macroeco)—Hammond(mathmatical methods fr economics) n if u want to jst do a quick revesion,rs bhardwaj will do. For statistics,theory frm Nagar n Das n probability from Freund.

JNU-if u r complete with the above,im sure dat JNU wud prove to be easy..jst be prepared with little bit of indian eco(best bet wud be the latest economic survey)

IGIDR-very mathmatical,theres a book for subsidiary maths 1 and 2 which is asked in du 2nd year…im not able to recall the name of the book so i’ll let u know abt the same later…a bit of english wud help…n practice on sme reasoning questions from ne book which wud offer such questions.

ISI-i never thot abt dat institute…as i know i simply cant make it.

Gokhle-look up for the GIPE community on orkut…it gives out the necessary information on GIPE entrance,its content and tips quite clearly.