Does the Mangekyo Sharingan also predict movements

Hello, I saw on the Wiki and a Naruto Discord channel s discussion about Kid Neji vs Kid Sasuke and Sharingan vs Byakugan. I just wanted to ask directly what is stronger. That is what I found out with my research.

Sharingan's abilities:

-Eye of Insight

is able to see Chakra

grants enhanced perception

-Eye of Hypnotism

let's you use Visual Genjutsu

Byakugan's abilities:

360 degree diameter field of vision

can see kilometres wide

let's you follow high speed movements

let's you see chakra better and the chakra system

can widen the range of genjutsu

and we saw a few times a Hyuga speaking out the thoughts of a other ninja. Maybe some kind of mind reading?

The reason I didn't include Gentle Fist and copying jutsus into their skill list is because Gentle Fist results from the vision of the Byakugan and the copying deriving from the perception of the Sharingan.

I searched for some pages and sources and the result was a let down as people gave the abilities of the Sharingan as reasoning for the inferiority of the Byakugan yet did not include the abilities of it. If we compare them is the Byakugan actually the supeirior ability.

_The Byakugan can see the Chakra of people way better than the Sharingan

_ The Sharingan can predict people's movements=The Byakugan can follow movements that the normal eye can't follow

_The Sharingan's visual Genjutsu>The Byakugan's range of Genjutsu

After checking the wiki a bit did I find out that Itachi and Shisui couldn't even beat a User of the Byakugan and Gentle Fist. Not to forget him not being able to pull off the 32 Palm Trigram which is something Neji was able to use at the age of 13.

After more research did I find even a forum that stated that visual Genjutsu wouldn't work on a Byakugan user as he could just close his eyes and so the Genjutsu can work that you need to look directly into the person's eye.