Does the paranormal exist

Another huge issue revolves around the question of why ghosts are haunting us at all. Do they have a choice? Are they doomed to this Earthly plane for reasons beyond they control? So, let's ask them, and hopefully record their response in the form of an EVP.

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. In a nutshell, EVPs are allegedly recordings of words and phrases spoken by spirits, often not heard by the human ear at the time of capture. Some researchers use white noise to give the spirits a little help.

To understand one theory of why this works, consider the application of white noise when used for sleep purposes. Because white noise is sound produced on a wide array of frequencies, the sounds that may interrupt your sleep get all muddled up in the white noise and become indiscernible.

For spirits it supposedly works the opposite way: Ghostly voices aren’t heard by the human ear because they are indiscernible from the many other frequencies and sounds in the environment, and the mind can’t pick them out. White noise therefore serves as a kind of filter. Only when the evidence is reviewed will the voice be evident, and often with the help of computer equipment and very careful analysis.

Many researchers are moving away from white noise and simply relying on digital recorders, which seem to get the job done all on their own. Spirits are apparently willing to talk to us, if we only listen.

We’re still handcuffed by the possibility of tampering and errors, but EVPs are among the most widely reported pieces of evidence. They’re particularly compelling when words and phrases relate directly to questions asked, or when the voice references someone in the room.

There are a few other interesting methods of drawing out words from beyond such as the Ghost Box, which is simply a modified radio set to rapidly scan through channels thus creating a kind of white noise, or at least background noise, that spirits might communicate through.

Devices like the Ghost Box provide a medium for communication between the living and the spirit world. While most effective in the hands of an expert, anyone can use one to capture evidence of paranormal activity in their own home. However, the very fact that it’s a radio receiver means we don’t have to guess too much when it comes to possible errors with a piece of equipment like this.

The Ovilus is another fascinating piece of technology. This hand-held device takes readings from the surrounding environment and coverts the numbers into words. While the manufacturers of Ovilus make no such claim, many prominent paranormal investigators have used the device to allegedly communicate with the dead. Even though some the results we’ve seen on TV are compelling, at best we can put this in the category of “Huh?”