Have you been affected negatively by feminism

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Feminism can be understood as a fight for rights of women to make their status and living standards in equality with the men. Feminism in a broad spectrum is to define, establish and achieve political, economical, personal and social rights for women. Women in most part of our society still remain as a victim of violence. Feminist campaigns have made huge impact in the society to make independent women, giving them equal opportunity to education, employment and making a livelihood. It has made women stand equal in their marriages and also, liable to maternity leaves. The main agenda of Feminism was to make societal changes for women’s rights achieving gender neutrality, making the society a better place to live for both the genders.

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Positive effects of Feminism –

  • Feminism has boasted the self-respect of women, making them stand equal to men in the society. It has made it possible for the women to receive much-deserved love and respect.
  • It has enlightened public of the worth of women in the society.
  • Feminism has highlighted the issues related to women like domestic violence, lack of education, etc. which has led to increased awareness about such negative activities and thus, caused the society to find solution.
  • Some cultural practices like Sati have been worked upon and eliminated from the society. However, it still exists in some deep parts of our country.
  • It has given the courage to women to take independent decisions regarding themselves and their physical bodies. For an example, it has given the privilege to the women to decide whether to carry a pregnancy or not. Sometimes the women in families are forced upon to bear pregnancy and thus, they fall under health issues or undergo risks with their lives.
  • Feminism has worked hard to allow women to educate themselves and prove effective in the development of their families and their nation as well. Some women have proved out to become idols in the society.
  • It has made men of our society share equal responsibilities of household chores, of rearing children, or undertaking the management at home.
  • It has led to a decrease in hate crimes based on gender perspectives.

Negative Effects of Feminism –

  • Feminism is often considered an influence of western culture.
  • Feminism has majorly supported the women of industrial areas, spreading to rural areas gradually.
  • Some women have gained inappropriate forwardness in the society making them undermine the traditional values, and power of women’s rights.
  • Child-birth has suffered as a result of women’s employment or career interest. Women have even incorporated various habits from the society like smoking, alcohol consumption, etc because of which the health issues with child-bearing capacity of women have been affected. Lack of education is the biggest hindrance in this aspect.
  • It has led to a mixed understanding of segregating men and women, conforming to the thought of men being dominant in the society.
  • It has hampered the traditional ways of living in families, affecting women personally. It may be considered that some families have suffered or are suffering chaos in their handling and management because of equal rights for men and women and the children stand as sufferers.

Feminism was indeed needed in a developing country like ours. It has surely worked positively for the women’s rights. However, some examples have shown its misuse as well. Thus, legislation needs to play its critical role in the right aspect.

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