How can I sing in Sur

Ok, folks. Lot of people have given us feedback that they need to know tricks for getting the sur right. As the classical singers say, “Taal Gaya to Bal Gaya, Sur Gaya to Sir Gaya” (ताल गया तो बाल गया, सूर गया तो सिर गया). Let us discuss the sur aspect of singing. We will write several blogs on this topic. 

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Here are some tips to singing in sur. First of all, let us pick a song that you will sing in order to experiment. One of the best choices is Ehsan Tera Hoga, the evergreen song from Junglee. See our blog at

Of course you can sing some other song too…. Your choice. If you have a different song is mind, and need tips for that just write to us.

Here are simple things to do.

  1. First of all, record the song in your voice. Use the WowSingers track as guide. Several ways you can record. Good old tape-recorder is always there. Or, record it on your laptop/desktop. Use any of the free softwares available on the net, such as audacity
  2. Listen to the song. And see how many places you have gone out of sur. You will be surprised to see how many places you are off. You just don’t notice these things while singing. If you have trouble identifying, then ask your local expert. Just don’t publish these tracks 🙂
  3. Typically, when you want to go “touch” a note and get back, you are likely to go off. For example, Chahe Mita Do words. Also, if you are staying put on a note, then you can waiver a little if it is a long note. For example. Tumne Mujhako.
  4. Once you identify where you are going off, practice those lines SSLLOOWWLLYY. Slower the better. Don’t ever go for speed.
  5. Practice a few times, re-record and see. Keep repeating.

We will provide more tips on this as we go along.

Enjoy singing.

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