How can you join HAL Management Academy

Bengaluru (Urban Transport News): HAL Management Academy (HMA) has now started a 15-month full-time Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDAM) course in Aviation Management, which is approved by AICTC.

H.L. Director (Human Resources) VM Chamola inaugurated this course on Thursday in the HAL Management Academy campus.

On this occasion, he said that HAL has opened the door of the external world along with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to prepare specially trained human resources in aviation and aerospace.

Aerospace is the fastest growing industry in today’s era. As per the concept gave and outlined in the program, the Academy is confident that for the campus selection, the best companies will come from overseas also.

This program also includes a visit to the world’s top aerospace companies. During the course, students will also get a chance to interact with professionals associated with the aviation industry.

HMA will train 35 students every year through this Post Graduate Diploma program. The selection of candidates for the training program will be done through a special evaluation process.

“The course syllabus focuses on aircraft manufacturing processes and Systems Integration,  Strategy and Corporate Governance, Aircraft Qualification and Certification, Technology and Lifecycle Management, On the Job Exposure- Deep Immersion, Principles and Practices of Management, Aviation Business and Contracts, Aviation Finance and Economics, Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management,  Aviation Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Aviation Quality & Regulatory Management , Principles of Marketing, Product development and pricing in aviation sector, Product promotion and brand building,  Customer relationship and after-sales support, Systems Engineering and other areas”, said in the statement released by the HAL Management Academy.

It will include HAL’s executive, professional and outdoor field professionals. Participants in the program will get plenty of exposure in the field of wind tunnel and flight test composite manufacturing, flight hangar management, air traffic management etc.

HMA General Manager Neemi Chandra said that experimental teaching and knowledge makes this curriculum unique. He has the best and experienced faculty in the aviation field.