How Choose a Stand Up Desk?

Eco-Friendly Ergonomics

We responsibly source eco-friendly materials to handcraft our one-of-a-kind products. We feature desktops made from 100% recycled wood, reclaimed wood culled from vintage barns and whiskey distilleries, rubberwood solid wood from retired rubber trees (99 percent of the earth's natural rubber is produced from latex that is extracted from a tree called Hevea brasiliensis, commonly known as the rubber tree), GREENGUARD-certified laminate, and bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the entire world. To offset our beautiful, thick solid wood desktops, we partner with the National Forest Foundation to ensure that for every solid wood desktop that we sell, five trees are planted in U.S. National Forests. We plant at a minimum 5,000 trees per year.

To compound our environmental efforts, we also craft our monitor arm beams and desk frame feet out of 100% aluminum. This purposeful composition makes for strong products that can also be recycled. Not only does this help offset our impact on the environment, but it's one way we're making sure that the resources we use today will be available for future generations.

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