How do chefs help society

I remember the "celebrity chefs" from the years of black and white TV. Their cooking was aimed at women and teaching them to keep the budget their men gave them and save money for the house hold. "By putting cabbage and extra onions in the stew you will reduce the price for meat and make you husband happy." ... Scary stuff.

Celebrity chefs today play a different role entirely. Many of them aim at teaching people how to cook good food at home instead of buying expensive restaurant meals or those horrible half made products from the grocery store. Society today is very much based on "fast food" and quick meals rather than eating properly cooked food. Things such as the ever growing problem of obesity in society can partly be connected directly to the fact that people don't know how to cook good food for themselves and their families, it's easier to drive by McD.

People that don't eat properly also become tired, sluggish and depressed and I think that pretty much sums up the general state of of a lot of people today.

The celebrity chefs inspires people to at least try to make a meal of their own and to try something new now and then. They also let people see how easy it is, it's not rocket science to make a good meal.

The negative effect that I see is that make of the celebrity chefs cook foods that requires ingredients from all over the world. Sure it's nice to try something new but it's more expensive and it puts a strain on the environment. Locally produced ingredients are always better than ingredients flown from the other side of the world. Some of the celebrity chefs also cooks foods that's nice to look at but won't work in a normal family.