How do I clean a water dispenser

There are various appliances that each home will need either to make life easier or for comfort. Having a water dispenser is among the large devices. Primo water dispenser is an appliance that holds water and causes water readily available.

Wondering how you can maintain Primo water cooler dispenser at your home? We have some maintenance's tips for you. You will be sure you take clean and safe water free from germs from Primo water dispenser.

How To Clean a Primo Water Dispenser

Here is step-by-step process, how you can clean your Primo water dispenser:

1. Make your cleaning solution:

Add a tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water. The best is unscented bleach. Wear your gloves and mix your solution gently.

2. Take the dispenser things apart:

You have to unplug dispenser’s water cooler from wall to remove the bottle. Ensure no other electrical are into same outlet plugged or where you are planning to clean the water cooler.

3. Pour the cleaning solution into water cooler:

You can use a wet sponge and wipe the inner surface. Give it 2-5 minutes to stand and drain the cleaning solution through the taps.

4. Rinse the cleaning solution

Use water without cleaning solution and fill in the reservoir four times. Pour out through the dispenser’s faucet. Make sure no vinegar or bleach taste is left behind.

5. Scrub well the drip tray and water taps:

Lift off the drip tray. Take some paper towel, lightly dab into water. Wipe over the taps and drip tray with the paper. Besides, remember to clean dispenser's screen.  Be sure you dry thoroughly such that you will not leave any moisture in the tight spaces.

6. Clean your hands thoroughly

Make sure your hands are clean before manipulating the bottle. Dry it with a towel.

7. Place a new water bottle:

Remove the cap first to place the water bottle. Make sure a snug fit and then watch as the air bubbles rise to the top to indicate that the water bottle seals to the dispenser.

8.Test if it works:

Fill with a glass of water and try both faucets. You can also taste that water to ensure it doesn't have unpleasant taste left.

N.B:The above step-by-step process works for both top loading and bottom loading water cooler dispenser.

Lets watch the quick video, how to clean and sanitize a water cooler:

1. Primo Water Dispenser Only Dispense Room Temp Water

The first thing you will need is to find the problem and then figure out the cause. Various factors lead to Primo water dispenser only dispense room temperature.

You have to check, you have plugged in your dispenser at the wall socket. Also ensure the main power is “ON.” besides, the power cable at Primo water dispenser’s back in pushed firmly into the wall socket.

The other option is to check that cooler’s switch is “ON” and illuminating.

However, you can then “reset” the dispenser by removing the cups and switch off the device. Unplug the machine from your wall and wait for 24 hours and then switch it again. When you find that the problem persists, you have to seek assistance from a qualified technician.

2. Primo Water Cooler Is Not Dispense Water From Any Tap.

The problem might happen for many reasons. You might find that there is dirt in the spout button and the dispenser will not operate correctly. However, there could be sediments that accumulate and blocks the delivery line from dispenser’s bottle to the sprout.

It is possible to make it function properly again. You will remove the water from your dispenser. Take a small plastic container and bail out water in your dispenser’s well. When most water comes out, you need a sponge that will soak all the residue water.

You will have to remove the plastic ring that you find around the button. Be cautious and make sure you will remember how to fit back the parts.

Take a plastic container and fill with WD-40. Take the spout parts and soak them for an hour.

You will then blow compressed air via the fittings you see at the bottom of Primo water dispenser’s well. Make sure you blow until the air comes out on the other end where there is the spout.

Lastly, wash the spout parts with WD-40 thoroughly in water with soap. When the pieces dry, reinstall to your dispenser’s spout.

3. Primo Water Dispenser Leaking Problem

As time goes, the water minerals build up in your dispensers system. It is a common and normal situation to occur. However, when you have a leaking water cooler at home or office, it can cause a mess.

There are various troubleshooting techniques that you can try to diagnose Primo water dispenser to alleviate the issue. Moreover, if its spigot that you find leaking, contact the manufacturer.

First, you have to check where the leaking is coming from and speed the water is leaking. When you find it dripping from the spout, you can try by tightening the knob to shut completely.

You can also test the rate of leaking water. Use a black marker and determine the water level on the side. You will, therefore, determine the speed. It might be a small hole, a broken seal or the bottle is faulty.

Once you determine the problem, remove the water bottle from its unit. Inspect your container thoroughly to see whether there are leaks or punctures. When you find there is something wrong, notify the water provider and replace it with a new one. To catch additional leakage, place a container under your spout.

Check whether there is any broken handles or seals from the spout. Even a small crack in the mechanism an cause the leak. If you find the problem is at the spout, replace it with another spout. You can purchase it from a vendor or manufacturer.


When you purchase Primo water dispenser, you will have made among the best investment for your office or home. Sometimes, the water dispenser is like all the other machines, and they can break down. Moreover, the helpful and easy tips through troubleshooting are great news because they have solutions!

Primo Water Dispenser Troubleshooting