Is Equifax legit and safe

Original review: Jan. 2, 2020

Contacted Equifax, Experian and Trans Union all separately to remove a negative factor on my otherwise perfect credit report that was made in error. Three weekly check-in calls to Equifax they had no information to share, then an email to link stating update not deletion two days short of their 30 day allowed time frame. Over two hours on the phone with the dispute department over how they will not delete the issue on report because the creditor has not contacted them over dispute. Questioned if confirmation from debt owner that it was made in error would suffice to have item deleted from report..

I was then transferred to a supervisor after informing the individual that the confirmation for error and authorization for deletion from debt owner was attached to the original dispute submission. At this point I spent the last 45 minutes of my phone call debating with the supervisor about how a confirmation letter/number from the debt owner was not sufficient proof for Equifax or how the fact that the debt owner never replied to their dispute inquiry merited an update to paid rather than deletion over confirmed deletion request from debt owner and uncomfortable debt verification that was then not confirmed by debt owner.

Experian and Trans Union both had investigated my dispute and had it removed within two weeks of submission meanwhile Equifax drops my 801 score to somewhere in the 600s (only one active line of credit for 4 years, 3 lines 4-10 years ago thus the huge drop). I hope the two 800+ scored from Experian and Trans Union float the Equifax clunker of a score or it will will cost me a boatload on my next mortgage. If it were possible I would never do business with Equifax again.

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