Is Gogglebox Italia really popular

It’s the show with the most ridiculous premise – people watching a TV show about people watching TV shows.

But since its premiere in 2015, Gogglebox Australia has quickly become one of the most beloved programs on television for its humour, quirk and authenticity.

The finale of season five aired last night, meaning we now have no idea what to do with ourselves on Thursday (or Wednesday if you’re lucky enough to have pay TV!) nights.

Listen: Isabelle from Gogglebox spills on what it’s really like to be paid to watch TV. Post continues after audio.

To fill that Gogglebox-shaped hole, here are the eight tiny details and interesting trivia facts you might not have noticed or known about your favourite TV stars. Clearly, we’re obsessed.

1.Adam and Symon’s snazzy socks.

Ok, physio friends Adam and Symon’s crazy socks are probably a bit hard to miss but they really stepped up their game this season.

From cheese slices to sausage dogs, the pair have built an enviable collection – and anticipation for viewers intrigued to see what they’ll whip out next.

2. Wayne’s enviable wine glass collection.

Everyone knows about Tom’s steady stream of fancy-looking cocktails, but Wayne’s wine glasses are definitely close competition.

He even has one with his name on it. ‘Nuff said.