Is Hother Umber gay

Next week, he starts getting taller: Charles, by me! (Fortunately I was not out of umber)

Not the best photo but I hit pan in Cypress Umber in Modern Renaissance

Umber is gay for qibli

He said wish he was my destiny in reference to qibli saying “see,I’m your destiny” to winter

[Spoilers Extended] Who do you think is the most metal AF character in ASOIAF, and why is it Hother Umber?

Hother 'Whoresbane' Umber, uncle to the Greatjon, joint castellan of the Last Hearth while the Greatjon is away/held captive. From a family that is the most uber-macho of all the northerners we meet. In that family of giants (they're either described as 7 feet tall, or just huge) warriors who are famously strong and fierce, Whoresbane is the bookish one sent for maester training, and he's either gay or bi.

And yet the bookish queer Whoresbane is the only person to make Roose Bolton trail off and fail to find words to describe him. And it's about Hother that Barbrey Dustin says "If you did not hold the Greatjon, he would pull out your entrails and make you eat them." And it's Whoresbane who has command of the 'green boys' who are the hope of house Umber surviving the winter while his 'huge' brother has the greybeards, the men ready for a suicide mission. The intellectual gay in a family of mighty warriors is the biggest threat and the one entrusted with safeguarding the entire future.

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Why do the Umbers, Boltons, Barrows, and Karstarks have an extra lordship?

I love that they have them because it makes roleplaying as a new lord awarded land much easier since I dont have to pretend an old house died out or was treasonous or whatever but is there any lore justification to explain why the Umbers have the Seal Coast/Bay lordship, the Boltons have Etherington (or something), the Karstarks have Icemelt (or something similar), and the Barrows on Barrowton have some extra lordship whose name I dont know?

For that matter, the the Tullys have the Bluefork and Red Fork and a lord in Aegons Conquest in the Reach has Coldmoat, a bunch of low quality lordships and the land from two duchies that equal an extra 5 or so lordships.

Me watching the scene with the Umber boy

Quora: Why is Sansa so superstitious against the offspring of her enemies? She was spiteful against Ned Umber and Alys Karstark for basically being born.

Ah … what?

Sansa didn’t speak out in favor of executing Alys or Ned, or throwing them in a dungeon. Her point was that Jon would be better served by giving Last Hearth and Karhold to families that had already proved their dependability and loyalty, which would come in handy given that the North was preparing to fight the Others and Last Hearth was a major castle between the Wall and Winterfell, something the last season bore out (tragically).

Jon decides to let the families retain their castles, but he extracts renewed oaths of fealty from them before it’s official, and it’s understood that if either of them refuse to give that fealty, they forfeit the castles (but, again, not their lives or their freedom).

It isn’t obvious that either Jon or Sansa is more “right” than the other. Jon’s word wins because he’s the king, but what Sansa proposes isn’t notably cruel or radical. Families who back the wrong side in war pay the price — ask the Darrys, Conningtons and Peake

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Gouache over acrylic on paper. Winter inspires me to do outdoor paintings and use all my burnt umber.

working on my ABH MR palette! been playing alot more with on realgar and cyprus umber now.

Improvised Landscape Tutorial of an S shaped composition! Fast and loose with hake, rigger, card, razor, lemon yellow, siennas, burnt umber, venitian red (or light red), alizarin, ultramarine and paynes grey. Feel free to follow along!

In the end Ned Umber was my favorite Northerner because he was the only one to show her some respect

So we lost good ned umber to prove that the night king is mildly good at arts & crafts?

[Event] The Umbers stops paying taxes to the crown

Rising one morning, Alesander sat in his hall as the peasants spoke of the rough state their lands were in. For a while he had drowned out the speaking simply nodding his head at the right moments when it hit him. Aeryn had promised so much but left him for naught. And now the north marched south for a blackfyre leader once more. Sighing aloud he rose and stopped the peasant speaking. "Fetch me my maester."

Watercolor Tutorial! Halloween Tutorial! "That time Ol' Boy Was Fishing and Saw the Rougarou, him." Fast and loose painting tutorial utilizing siennas, burnt umber, pthalo blue, ultramarine and paynes grey. A little gel pen at the end for the eyes and teeth :P Hope you Enjoy! (link below)

[LFA] [WAR] Krrgmsjdflrk, Umber Hulk

Krrgmsjdflrk not Krrgmsjdflrk's real name. Krrgmsjdflrk real name not really use sound, see? More just vibrations in rock. Krrgmsjdflrk think this is name in Hooman, though. Is sound hoomans make when see Krrgmsjdflrk. See? Krrgmsjdflrk strong. Krrgmsjdflrk only want fight. But hoomans no let Krrgmsjdflrk fight, use big word like "unfair advantage" and "permanent psychic damage." Big word confuse Krrgmsjdflrk. Krrgmsjdflrk no like be confused. Krrgmsjdflrk smash whole town, then move here. You smart hooman. Let Krrgmsjdflrk fight, yes?

Weapons/gear: none

Appearance: It's a little difficult to say, given the fact that looking at him tends to scramble your mind. As best as we've been able to figure, however, the entity calling himself "Krrgmsjdflrk" stands about 12 feet tall, even accounting for its strange, slouched back. Its skin seems to shift colors from a dull orange to gray depending upon the light, and its pincer jaws seem large enough to easily crush a cow. It certainly

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When the Umbers and Karstarks end up extinct just like you wanted

[Claim] SCC -> House Umber of Last Hearth

Unless told otherwise I'd like to claim House Umber of Last Hearth. Assuming approval can a Mod reach out to me to go over a few things regarding the current claim.

My 6th and biggest mini, an umber hulk it was hard to find the right angle, C & C welcome :)

I’m looking for something between a puce and burnt umber

Umber and Sora deserved better, I hope we could see them again. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Action oriented Umber Hulk

Looking to jazz up the mighty umber hulk with Matt's latest action oriented ideas. Any suggestions?

The Lord of the Last Hearth, Jon Umber

Discord Name: Mudd#2227

Name and House: Jon Umber

Age: 43

Cultural Group: First Men

Appearance: Some call him wicked, some call him mad. In truth, Jon is obsessed. His hair grows wild, his eyes wide to the world. He searches for the truth of it all

Gift(s): Monstrous

Skill(s): Two-Handed Weapons

Negative Trait:

Starting Title(s): Lord of the Last Hearth

Starting Location: With Stark

Alternate Characters: Harras Greyjoy, Ihreus of Myr


Far in the North, past the marshes of the Crannogs and the Barrows of the Kings of the First Men and beyond even the great fortress of Winterfell and the ancestral domains of the Starks lies a cold, desolate land. Farmers and herders huddle around fires in nameless villages never recorded on a maesters map, as biting winds lash the endless, rolling hills around them. It is ne

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[No Spoilers] Last Hearth, located in the North. Seat of House Umber. Photo credit @westeroscraft

Still fairly new to the hobby but painted an umber hulk today and really had a lot of fun :). Still SUPER rough with the paints but ready for his big battle tomorrow!

I’m blaming you guys if I get addicted [LAMY SAFARI, Umber] First “real” fountain pen

[Claim] House Umber of Last Hearth

It has been a while since I have claimed here, and I do definitely miss it. I hope to be able to get back into the swing of it, and look forward to enjoying House Umber. I do not know the current situation in the North, but I am sure to find out. I look forward to my return to the North, I hope the last time does not happen again, and instead I can focus on developing my house.

Lord Alesander Umber - Current Lord of Last Hearth, and is married to Lady Lyanne Umber (nee Bolton). They have one daughter together, and at this point too old to really have anymore kids.

Illiana Umber - Sister of Alesander and is listed as the heir?

There are some men and women in the family, but are nephews and nieces to the current line.

[ART] [OC] Ember & Umber - Changeling Ranger