Is it shameful to not have friends

May I ask if it was you, or someone else, that suggested you had to have friends to be normal?

It seems to me we all have different idea's on what "normal" is, and I feel what is right for you is normal for you. If YOU think you want to be more social and have "guy friends to have a beer with, etc", then you should make the effort it takes to do that. Yes I do know it is not easy, I too suffer from depression and anxiety. For me, the alcohol will let me be someone - but, that someone- is not the real me, (one that makes and keeps a true friend.) If you think it's not normal, then it would be good for you to find friends. How ever, If you think it is ok to not want friends, then that is what is normal -for you. I hope that made since.

What support groups do you have in your area? Find people you share something in common with.

For me, It is better to be one of the first to arrive at any gathering. Then I am greeting those who follow, with confidence. If I'm last or late, the anxiety of "every one is watching me" or what ever, can be to much, and I don't go in at all.

Depression or not, we all have to strive to reach a level we are comfortable with.

If it is normal to not have friends, well, I also am not normal. Thats ok with me, how about with you? I trust very few with my true self.

There is the real me, and then also a public view of 'me'. ex: when the anxiety is a problem, and I have to go out into the real world, I pretend I'm on a stage in a play. Sounds silly, but It works for me.

I hope this will give you something to think about in a positive way.

Hang in there, and best wishes.