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American talk show host, Laura Ingraham is acknowledged for her own nationally syndicated radio program The Laura Ingraham Show since 2001. The correspondent is one of the most listened and influential talk show host across the States. Laura is also a survivor of her 2005's Breast Cancer surgery.

How Much Is Laura Ingraham’s Net Worth?

The 54 years old news reporter has made a net worth of $70 million from her stint in news reporting. Laura has been associated with much news broadcast and talk show events that help her revenues to increase even further.

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Laura’s yearly salary is calculated at around $15 million. She is working in the Fox News Program The Ingraham Angle from October 2017. Laura got her to wish granted by Fox when the broadcast green singled her show Just In for a three week trial in 2008.

Laura Ingraham from Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center on 23 February 2018 in National Harbor, Maryland (Photo:

The earnings of the millionaire news anchor also reprise from her work with the CBS Network and MSNBC’s show Watch It. Besides hosting many news events, Laura's wealth is also increased due to the books that she publishes. She has penned down different genres of books that include The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places (2000) and Billionaire at the Barricades released in 2017.

While working at Fox TV host, Laura's former assistant named Karolina Wilson alleged her for pregnancy discrimination. She alleged that Laura became violent toward her and fired her on her first day from the maternity leave. At that time she was pregnant with a baby. She even stated;

“I had no lunch breaks. I pumped when I found a minute, here and there, making sure I wasn’t interfering with anything that was on the schedule,”

Though Laura didn't comment over the allegation, her attorney, Betty S.W. Graumlich denied the allegations. In the email statement, her attorney wrote that Karolina's claims are wholly without merit. He stated;

 “Ms. Wilson’s claims are wholly without merit as our filed defenses to the Complaint make abundantly clear. We look forward to litigating this case vigorously.”

Wilson worked as her assistant for nearly over 16 months.

Laura Ingraham’s Boyfriend List! Has She Got Married?

Laura announced her engagement with Washington area businessman James Reyes in April 2005 and also stated that she had undergone breast cancer surgery. The anchor met the 43-year-old divorced father through a blind date on a Memorial Day Weekend. James was reportedly going to be her husband in May or early June 2005, but the engaged couple could not work on their relationship.

The anchor was also rumored to cancel her wedding with James due to the diagnosis of cancer in her breast. Laura had successful chemotherapies under the supervision of surgeon Dr. Katherine Alley for the ailment.

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The newswoman has dated former Senator, Robert Torricelli from New Jersey. She was also alleged of dating former Harvard University president Larry Summers. Laura has been linked with many news broadcasters and influential personalities across the US like ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann, Robert Torricelli, and Dinesh D’Souza.

According to, Laura was rumored to be engaged with Dinesh but never tied the nuptials. As per the reports of Vanity Fair, Dinesh quoted that his mission is to marry all the American ladies. Apart from his link-ups with Laura, Dinesh was alleged of dating Ann Coulter and Dixie Brubaker.

Laura had a brief relationship with her all rumored boyfriends but was never married. Unmarried Laura is a mother of three adopted children: two sons Michael Dmitri and Nikolai from Russia whereas her daughter Maria Caroline from Guatemala. 

Laura Ingraham’s Family And Her Brother’s Sexuality

Laura's maternal grandparents were Polish immigrants. Her father of Irish and English ancestry, Late James Frederick Ingraham III was a WWII veteran who passed away at the age of 88. Laura’s family owned a car wash business and her late mother Late Anne Caroline Kazak, who demised in the year 1999, was a waitress in the ’70s.

Her other family members consist of her three brothers James, Brooks, and Curtis. One of her siblings named Curtis is an open gay. The two siblings became best of a friend when Laura came to know about her brother’s real sexuality.

Despite being a sister of Curtis it seems like they are having a family feud. Her brother, who once noted her as a monster in an interview with The Daily Beast,  brought their family matter in social media and criticized her. Moreover, Curtis's hate for his sister is visible on his Twitter post. On one of the tweet on 21 June 2018, Curtis criticized her via Twitter questioning her about humanity. 

He even wrote in a tweet posted on 10 August 2018 that she was influenced by their late dad's alleged sympathy for Nazis.

Laura has been supportive of the LGBTQ community. She has been volunteering for the rights of people whether they are gay, lesbian or straight.

Provocative Remark For Immigrants!

As controversies are just like boiling water for some journalists, Laura has recently come under the media spotlights from her controversial remark for the immigrants. The news reporter on her TV show on 8 August 2018 slammed both legal and illegal immigrants ‘racist’ for destroying the United States that their native people love.

In the same show, she added that some part of the regions across the US and their people’s identity does not exist. Furthermore, Laura revealed that President Donald Trump administration is working to limit the size of the immigrants.

After the bitter outspoken truth, Laura was backlashed from some of the senior level authorities including California representative Ted Lieu. Ted, a Taiwan immigrant, scorned Laura for her racist remark and posted a Twitter reply on 9 August 2018 and wrote,

Dear Laura Ingraham: I served on active duty to defend your right to make racist statements.

America is not a race or demographic. It's a beautiful & bold idea, based on life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. You IngrahamAngle are no more American than I am or others are.

However, Laura defended her on the Fox News Show, The Ingraham Angle on 9 August 2018 that her statement had nothing to do with ethnicity and background, but was a message of harmony to keep the fellow Americans safe and prosperous.

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Short Bio

Laura Ingraham was born on 19 June 1963 in Glastonbury, Connecticut, as per wiki. She attended Glastonbury High School and graduated in 1981. The correspondent has obtained B.A. from Dartmouth College in 1985 and a Juris Doctorate from the University Of Virginia School Of Law in 1991. She is 1.67 m (5’ 51/2”) in height and belongs to a white ethnic group.