Is Lord Hanuman still on earth

Lord Rama told Hanuman to stay on earth on his death time so that he can spread Rama's story and devotion in humans. And Hanuman is following that order of Rama till now. He is spreading Rama Naam in world in many unknown ways and in different forms. As we all know that He can take any form and by this ability of him he participate in devotion process in different form (not in his actual form) so that no one can recognize him. Hanuman's responsibilities on earth are to spread Devotion so that people can be aware of truth about world.

How he is performing his duties assign by Lord Rama to him?

Hanuman is one of the most intelligent Lord (gyaan gun sagar), so he has tons of ways to spread devotion without being noticed by anyone. He does all his work secretly.

Here is an example of his work that he is doing since Rama's death. This video will help you to know that Hanuman is still alive and living in Himalya.

  1. संकेत जो साबित करते हैं कि हनुमान जी आज भी जीवित है
  2. हनुमान के ज़िदा होने का सबसे बड़ा ये है सच

answered Aug 7 '17 at 16:03


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