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Paper Quilling roses designs and art ideas: Quilling is a craft using strips of paper which are twisted, curled and glued together to create artistic designs. Quilling art was quite popular during the 18th century, where nuns used to decorate religious items with these quilling designs. During the renaissance period, quill paper was used from books to decorate. Later on it became quite a popular craft amongst ladies in Europe, where it was found to be a relaxing art. In this modernage, quilling has changed drastically by the techniques and designs. Quilling is used to decorate work baskets, tea caddies, wine coaster, ladies purse, greeting cards, wall art and just about anything you can lay your hands on to decorate. All you need is a quill and some colorful strips of paper, some glue and you are ready to start quilling. Depending on how tightly you curl the paper on the quill, you can control your art. Remeber you need to seal the end of the quill paper with glue, so your design doesn't seep through.

Quilling art peacock design by Larissa ZasadnaBirds quilling art by Larissa Zasadna

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How to make quilling?

Quilling paper: 1/8?, standard width
Quilling tool needle tool or slotted tool
Glue clear-drying, suitable for paper
Plastic lid to use as a glue palette
T-pin, paper piercing tool, or round toothpick
Glass-head straight pins
Non-stick work board, cork, or styrofoam something into which you can stick pins
Damp cloth to keep fingers free of glue

Beginners start with a slotted tool, since it holds the paper in place, while try to roll the paper on the tool. The upper part of the slotted tool has a small cut, which can hold the paper in place. If you want a more professional look, you can use a needle tool, but before starting to curl, dampen the edge of the paper and then start rotating the paper on the needle. This needle tool is a little difficult to master, but with practise, you can master it efficiently. If you don't have a slotted tool, you can still use your toothpick to start quilling. Once the paper is curled, make sure you glue the tip of the paper, so they curl stays inplace and slide it off the quill tool. Now you can pinch the curls or loosen then up to create your favourite designs. Beginers try out the basic flower shapes, before you move on to the complex designs. You can also make your own quilling paper, old newspapers can be put into a paper cutter, so you get these really thin strips, which is used for quilling designs. Since the materials are so cheap, it can be practised by almost everyone. You can personalise your own paper quilling flowers, paper quilling cards, birth announcements with paper quilling cards and so on.



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