Is parotta an unhealthy food

PAROTTA... the danger behind!

Parotta is one of the most interesting dish not just to eat but to make as well :)

I have loads of memories of admiring the roadside parotta stalls. The parotta master( that is how the chef is called locally ) does it so tactfully and with ease. He literally flies the dough in the air to expand it rather than rolling on the workspace and it is such a treat to watch them do that. The end result of such a magic would be a super flaky and layered parotta :)

Any eatery we go, we see pyramids of parotta being made and sold and we consume those without understanding their devastating side effects on our health. The villain here is Maida. Maida or in English known as white flour is created by removing the bran and germ from the wheat. This is then bleached with Benzoyl peroxide and softened using Alloxen. The chemical Alloxen that makes maida clean plays the ugliest role in destroying one's pancreas paving the way the eater to become a diabetic patient. Alloxen damages the Beta cells of pancreas leading to their death. As these cells perish, the ability of our body to produce insulin diminishes and a type 2 diabetic patient is created. Tragically, many do not know the side effects of this and those who consume the white flour products become the victims of the worst kind.

In this competitive world, where we have no time to fill our kids tiffin with nutritious food items, we fill those with fast food items that are easily available or commonly said as 'readymade'. Globalization and economic liberalization may have brought a good amount of disposable income to our families, but it would be foolish to waste that on unhealthy food to do experiments on ours' and kids' as well.

Next time, when we see Parotta being made somewhere, let us not leave the matter to our hungry stomach, but let our brain and mind have the final word on it :)