Is Philippines girls more friendly or rude


I don't know if I am to laugh or cry at your long story and although I see a lot of loopholes there, I'll bite.

First off, I got to tell you my nieces and nephews and even my son when they go back to the Philippines to visit, they speak hardly any Tagalog and when they do they have an accent, but in their dozens of dozens of times back there, they have yet to subjected to this kind of treatment.

Two, the Indian who stayed in the Philippines is correct, if you are upset with that, wait until you go to many other places all over the world, yes it gets worse, a lot worse.

Three, my dad grew up near Tarlac (in fact many of our ancestors came from there) and they speak mostly Kapampangan or Ilocano there.

Four, if this is all true, then I suggest you never leave home without a local who knows the area, known in the area or at least know how to speak the local language.

>Why on earth are Filipinos so rude. Some are, but not all.

>Has anyone else experienced this?!? As I've said, no, nobody I personally know have. You do get something like that here from people from other ethnicities. Just chill out and talk to them in English.