Is squatting safe during pregnancy

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You can do squats safely as long as they're not weighted. They're actually good for preparing your pelvis to open during delivery and for strengthening your pelvic floor.

As long as you can keep your balance while doing them then it is safe. You may want to hold on to a bar or somethng just in case, other wise it is safe and like nellie said it helps open your pelvis up and can make delivery a little easier.

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Answered 10/21/10

Squats are good holding onto a bar like someone said. Also a big fitness ball. Place the ball against a wall and lean your back against the ball for support while standing and squat down. Then stand back up and repeat.

I did squats with both my babies :)

Is ok to do squats at 37 weeks pregnant ? I've heard it helps the baby decend , but a neighbor told me that if i do squats the baby goes up instead of down .

I've always asked myself the same thing. Bkuhs I wanted to lift my butt up a lil. But now I seee that its good :)