Is the WHOIS tool anonymous

Whether you are chasing cybercriminals, researching domains for your own use, keeping an eye on your competitors, or any number of other activities, your quest often begins by entering a domain name or IP address in the search box, and looking over the information returned by DomainTools.

"Whois" with DomainTools is much more than just a static Whois entry for a domain. The DomainTools Whois results page gives a detailed profile of the specified domain, and also serves as the jumping-off point for all kinds of investigations. Long-time DomainTools users will see some important enhancements, introduced in June 2014, to this fundamental tool.

There are several key areas in which the DomainTools Whois results go beyond traditional Whois lookup tools:

  • Investigators and researchers can learn or infer information about the domain at a quick glance, with rich profile information that is not available in a simple Whois lookup. Examples include IP/hosting information, screenshots, Web server and traffic profiles
  • Many of the key datapoints have secondary information associated with them, and this secondary information can be of vital importance to an investigation. Examples are the number of other domains associated with the registrant, the number of other domains hosted on the same IP address, and the number of historical Whois records in the DomainTools database.
  • Because of the wealth of information provided in the profile of the domain, the Whois results page provides a good starting point for an investigation, with connections to premium research tools such as Reverse Whois, Whois History and Screenshots History, Reverse IP, and more. These premium tools are available to DomainTools Personal and Enterprise members.