Is there extraterrestrial life that has evolved

Because the universe is so vast, and because there are so many planets out there with similar conditions to Earth, there are almost certainly extraterrestrials out there somewhere. Whether or not any of them have the means to visit Earth, and whether or not we will ever find them during our species’ existence is debatable. The universe is an infinitely immense place. If life could evolve here on Earth, there is no reason to believe that it couldn't also evolve somewhere else in the vastness of the universe.

As vast as the universe is, it is reasonable to assume that at least a few other planets exist with atmospheres and environments similar to our own somewhere in the universe. There is no reason to think that another planet couldn't have formed similarly to our own Earth. Perhaps there is no other planet like it at the present time, but at some point in the universe's history or future, there almost certainly has been or will be another planet very similar to our own that has developed similar conditions for similar lifeforms to occur.