Is WoW Classic fun to play

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    If you could play Vanilla WoW again, which class would you pick?


    I'd probably pick either Mage or Paladin

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    Warrior probably, and i'd focus on getting Scarab Lord this time.

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    i wouldn't play vanilla wasn't that good imo.

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    Stood in the Fire

    My dad once told me that aslong as religion existed, even I could make my own fantasy buddys

    I'd play a Rogue. Like duuh, full stunlock duratation? rofl

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    Paladin. AFK follow someone with auto mouse clicker on decursive. Just like the first time.

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    Warrior had best PvE DPS and it was also really powerful class in PvP so I'd go with that
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    Bloodsail Admiral

    Rouge. they were kinda overpowdered

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    Rouge, I lived in Holland then so I was very pale.

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    Field Marshal
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    High Overlord

    Hunter, like I was in vanilla... Or my mage

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    Stood in the Fire
    Shaman (as I did).

    2H WF /endof

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    The Patient

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    hunter i have always found them they most fun

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    Rogue were sickly overpowered if I recall correctly, kill people naked with a gray dagger? Hell yes...

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    The Lightbringer
    HAHAHHAHAHHA same thing. If I could, I wouldn't.
    I played Warcraft since the RTS, and never felt the desire to jump to WoW until WotLK, when I saw they had achievements, flying mounts, and Arthas. Usually I only heard of WoW in the Ban Waves. And never liked it.

    Knowing things like the level 40 slow mount, that the reputation with the other factions would only grant me the right to ride their mounts on the next patch (and hence there were YEARS of Tauren not allowed in Skeletal Horses I skipped), Dungeons were endless, and raids....

    Well, MC is the combination of 3 same basic mechanics, 2 at a time in each boss, you had to be prepared with a dousing crap from Azshara (a forgotten land away from everything in the other continent), and ALL enemies until Ragnaros are reskinning of the same "Molten Giant, Salamander, Core Hound, Elementals" with a imp here and there. With bloated numbers out of proportion, just to force 40 people to join (the pain, oh the pain).

    No, thanks. I had my time playing the Lost Vikings and Lemmings. Or competing who lived more time in River Raid and Enduro. Those times are gone, I want REAL FUN in a game now.
    Originally Posted by Jonas

    i wouldn't play vanilla wasn't that good imo.

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    Stood in the Fire

    There are some pretty good vanilla servers out there , private ofc that resemble quite a lot like original wow, just need to look a bit for them . Personally i would play mage.

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    Warrior for sure.

    Only viable tank, fury dps were nuts at the end of BWL, and a warrior with a pocket healer would rip groups apart in pvp.

    The only downside to warriors, were that they really sucked, untill you could get your hands on an arcanite reaper.

  • 2012-07-30, 12:13 PM#19

    Scarab Lord

    Shaman, definitely shaman. Wielding Sulfuras would have been sexy back in the day. I kinda miss 2H shaman, blizz should try and make it viable again, but yes yes I know they'd be only class to wield agi 2H.

    Also shaman because of infinitely chaining windfury procs.

  • 2012-07-30, 12:20 PM#20

    I am Murloc!

    Never played Vanilla but given that I'm primarily a tank, that doesn't give me much choice does it? ;-) Warrior, all the way.