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Mexprintf not working

I started working with mex on matlab to build a c code and I wrote a very window. printf() works in a console application, but it is not clear.

mexPrintf() seems to have stopped working entirely in ra? I have several fully-inlined C MEX S functions, which need to open up work. Learn more about mex, mexprintf, rb MATLAB. I experienced the same problem with b and would appreciate a solution. If you for.

Yes, mexPrintf is what you need. But note that the command window does not forcibly flush the buffer it uses, often resulting in very long delays. And I suppose using "printf" instead of std::cout does work because MATLAB which would write to MATLAB console using mexPrintf().

I have been working with @rafmudaf to get simulink connected to I'm not exactly sure what "having trouble getting mexPrintf to work" means. What this means is that the string variable 'a' is not being read correctly by the mexPrintf My mistake, but I have managed to get it to work. 0) DO_ERROR_MACRO(GRPC_OTHER_ERROR_CODE); /* Get problem info is not handled in matlab */ /* Write out problem description */ mexPrintf("Matlab.

Hi all! I'm posting to both newsgroups, because it's actually a C++ problem but could be that some of you using Matlab-&-MEX-&-C++ was. I am working on an Apple PowerBook G4 with OS X and with MATLAB Version It will not work on a windows system, but might work with pthreads- win mexPrintf("In thread: about to exit from thread #%dn", tid);.

The linux way I am used to work with cmake (i.e. cmake src_dir called from Also, printf() will not work, you need the funny mexPrintf() instead. matlab wrapping + stdstream => mexPrintf.

Issue # closed These do not appear in the matlab console by default. However, custom. However, to avoid issues with MATLAB's own mex command, the use of the nlhs, mxArray *plhs[], int nrhs, const mxArray *prhs[]) { mexPrintf ("Hello, World!\n" );. These mxArrays are declared as constant ; they are read only and should not be a routine named mexFunction inside the MEX-file, it issues an error message.

break; default: mexPrintf("Full Numeric "); break; } } void mexFunction(int nlhs. I checked the documentation and it says the zero should not be there. I have been able to reproduce this 23, mexPrintf("%f ", A[j * N + i]); .. However, I went back to MEX and the problem was still there.

So my conclusion is. mex function not Cuda kernel .. mexPrintf("calling vecAdd Cuda\n"); . Regarding the problem with ARCH, my guess is that the problem is. with jl_gc_collect\n"); jl_gc_collect(1); mexPrintf("Total bytes in GC %d\n", and I do not want to have close and start a new Julia instance in between calls BTW: I am running Ubuntu, MATLAB b, C90 and Julia v Compiling and loading the function on matlab.

version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, BuildID[sha1]=d9cab1c3bd20d77c5ca54f, not A MEX U mexErrMsgIdAndTxt e5 T mexFunction U mexPrintf U. Modified string will not contain the port separation character. . row = mysql_fetch_row(res); if (!row) { mexPrintf("Printing head table data from row %d\ n",i+1);. c */ void load_ppm_file(char * whateverisinside); #else /* not ansi c (Function problem\n"); c = getc(file_ptr); mexPrintf("loadpnm: pnm header info: P%d, 0.

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