Was Scotland ever conquered by England

What you said above is what I understand too.

England persuaded Scottish nobles( they held ALL the power) with lots of dosh (£) and the promise of land and posh houses in England to join together and form the UK.

That way Scotland (France's historic ally ) could be ignored and used as a playground for the English elite, while England could concentrate on fighting France (Englands historic enemy) , so they would be fighting on 1 front, instead of 2.

The Scottish parliament was 'put on hold' and MPs from Scotland were appointed into the new 'UK' parliament in London.

Because the Scottish parliament was 'put on hold' and never formally dissolved it was a relatively easy process to re-establish it in it's present form, unlike the Welsh who were formally & legally sucked into Englands law/government etc.

The uk government in London has used the system to 'conquer' Scotland by using the law.

After the UK was set up, Scotlands laws were then made in England, and voted on by English MPs.

Naturally, because there were always more English MPs than Scottish MPs they could change the law as they wished, and naturally, they used the system to make laws which effectively paralised Scotlands ability to trade or negotiate without going through the London government.

How can someone in Kent decide what's best for someone in Kirkaldy? Beats me.


Apparently the Roman 9th Legion was sent north (into what is now Scotland) to subdue and conquer the natives.

The 9th Legion was never seen or heard from again.

It's possible they were massacred in a fierce and bloody battle by the murderous blood-thirsty uncivilised tribes ...... or maybe they just liked the place ... laid down their arms ... preferred the local brew to their usual weak watery Italian wine ... got on well with the friendly natives ..... treated them with respect instead of trying to dominate them .... and in return were welcomed as equals, not enemies :-)