What are best dating places in Tallinn

Tallinn is an ancient city, located in northwestern Estonia, along the banks of the Baltic Sea. Much of the city's growth happened during the medieval era, and the 13th and 14th century buildings, walls, and plentiful infrastructure are all very well-preserved, so much so that Tallinn has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you live in this timeless city, you are already surrounded by the air of romance. All you need do to meet the next love of your life is immerse yourself in the city's happenings, and frequent places where you're likely to meet women who share your interests and passions.

If your passions include history, you should spend some time at The Estonian History Museum. You could take a walk through the many exhibits, and initiate conversation with other museum-goers who catch your eye. This museum has a plethora of exhibits, chronicling thousands of years of Estonian history. You can learn about everything from the very first Estonian settlements, to life in the Middle Ages, to the Soviet Occupation of Estonia, and the country's eventual fight for independence and gaining sovereignty. For even more chances to meet single women, you could take one of the museum's guided tours.

Art lovers may prefer to check out The Art Museum of Estonia. Much like the aforementioned history museum, many of the exhibits here are dedicated to the medieval era. However, this museum also houses contemporary works. This is a great place to visit for anyone with any interest in art, because it has such a variety of time periods and styles on display. There is also art from many different countries. It is not just art from Estonia that you'll find here, but art from all over the world. Much of their permanent collection comes from all over the European continent, as well as Asia, and the Western world.

If you're more interested in music, be sure to set some time aside to attend the Estonian Song Festival. This is not an annual event, rather it is held every five years. That's all the more reason to work it into your calender if you can. The next festival is set to take place in early July of 2019.

In that same vein, there is the Estonian Dance Festival. This event is also only held every five years, and the dates coincide with those of the Song Festival. The next festival will take place July 5-July 7, in 2019. This festival has a ton of dancing and gymnastics performances to watch, including many traditional Estonian dances. It's an event filled with fun and Estonian pride and there are sure to be all kinds of different people in attendance and you’re almost certain to meet many single attractive Estonian women who love song and dance.

For movie buffs, a visit to The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival might be in order. Unlike the previous two festivals mentioned, this is an annual event, usually taking place from the end of November through the first week of December. There are lots of groundbreaking films to watch, as well as several awards given out. Film buffs show up in larger numbers and you’ll meet attractive single women here.

For those who enjoy fitness or running, an annual event that you may find appealing is the Tallinn Marathon, held each year in September. You could sign up to compete, or you could go just to watch. It's such a festive event, that standing in the crowds and cheering the runners on, is just as much fun as entering the race yourself.

The Estonian Maritime Museum is another interesting venue. This would be another good choice for history enthusiasts, but it's also just a great activity for anyone who loves the sea, or likes to expose themselves to new enrichment and learning opportunities. Here you can learn about famous ship captains and voyages. You can also learn about ships and different seafaring vessels. They even have many sea planes on display. You could go simply to walk through the exhibits, or you could take one of their guided tours.

City parks are always a great option for socializing, as parks draw out all kinds of people from every walk of life, and anyone relaxing in the park is likely to be approachable, as they won't be in a rush to get anywhere. One park where you might meet single women is Kadrioru Park. This isn't just a piece of public greenery, but it is a living piece of history as well. The park was constructed in the Baroque style and it is filled with fountains and abundant flower gardens. You could go for a walk or run and get some exercise, or just relax, enjoy the beautiful sights, and see what happens.

You could also take your search for love down to the local watering hole. Tallinn has lots of bars and pubs that are great for socializing. One venue to check out is BrewDog Tallinn. This is an especially good choice for anyone who enjoys craft beer, as that is what this bar is known for. This spot also always has a lively a social atmosphere, perfect for putting yourself out there and making new friends.

Another place to grab a drink, where there is a huge focus on community and socialization is NO99. This is a bar, theater, and community gathering space all in one. It has a very indie feel to it. On their website they talk about how there aren't enough spaces dedicated to community and meeting new people. They also speak out against the norm of treating theater, and art in general, as a product meant for consumption. It's a highly original and creative venue that will appeal to all kinds of women.

If you're a tad more introverted, you may prefer to meet women in the quieter and more relaxed setting of a cafe. If that's the case, you could spend some time at NOP Cafe. This is a great place to grab coffee, breakfast, or a light lunch. You could hang out inside the cafe, or set up shop at one of their outdoor tables.