What are some bad examples of autotune

There has been a discussion here about that glorious shiny little plugin or the tool of eteranl damnation: AUTOTUNE


Since its a polarizing tool, I start this thread to move the discussion away from the track above.

Maybe there was a thread before, but somtimes it's important to start from the beginning again ...

My points so far - and I have stated them more than I should have there - are:

+ Autotune as a tool for creating a vocal track can be usefull for fixing errors or creating new harmonies
+ Autotune is a effect vocalists can use to change their recordings to match their ideas and is a part of artist's freedom

- I don't like the effect, it's artificial and too prominent and I heard it a quadzillion times
- It makes good singers sound like amateurs, it sounds like they had too fix problems - why else should they use Autotune?
- It limits the usability for acapellas. For example doubling the sample for harmonie vocals, very much like reverb and echo. Sometimes it simply doesen't fit the song idea.