What are some common suffixes


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Common Suffixes

A suffix is a group of letters placed after the root of a word. For example, the word flavorless consists of the root word "flavor" combined with the suffix "-less" [which means "without"]; the word "flavorless" means "having no flavor."

Some Common Suffixes:

-ableable to, having the quality ofcapable, comfortable, flammable, payable, portable, presentable, taxable
-acystate or qualitylunacy, privacy
-ageaction or process, rank, fee, place drainage, orphanage, leverage, marriage, mileage, peerage, postage, spillage, suffrage, village, voyage, wreckage
-alrelating toannual, arrival, comical, disposal, educational, historical, refusal , regional, rehearsal, reversal, social, tidal
-anrelated toLutheran, Ohioan
-ance state or quality of, denoting an actionallegiance, appearance, perseverance, maintenance, utterance
-antbeing arrogant, deodorant, expectant, important, miscreant, propellant
-arylike, connected withadversary, budgetary, dictionary, dignitary, honorary, library, primary
-atedenoting a group or status, or forming an adjectiveelectorate, duplicate, mandate, separate
-ationdenoting an action or an instance ofexploration, hesitation, plantation
-cideto killhomocide, insecticide
-ence state or quality of, denoting an actionimpertinence, reference, reminiscence
-ent being or state, occurance of an actioncoefficient, convenient, dissident, student
-ercomparative, a person performing an actionbigger, foreigner, philosopher, smaller, stronger, voter
-esquereminiscent ofarabesque, grotesque, picturesque, statuesque
-estsuperlativestrongest, tiniest, widest
-fulfull of beautiful, grateful, hopeful, peaceful, sorrowful, watchful, wishful
-fyproducing, transforming or causingdeify, horrify, speechify
-graphwrittenautograph, paragraph, photograph, seismograph
-ian forming an adjective antediluvian, Christian, guardian, historian, Russian
-ible capable of being audible, edible, potable, reversible, terrible
-icrelating toaquatic, chronic, fantastic, Islamic, lyric, mechanic, scenic, tactic
-ierdenoting an occupation or interestcashier, glazier
-ile tending tofragile, futile, juvenile, percentile, senile
-ily forming an adverbangrily, eerily, happily, lazily
-ingdenoting an action, a material, or a gerundacting, eating, padding, showing
-ishhaving the characteristics of, somewhatboyish, peckish, selfish, Spanish
-isma belief or practiceactivism, baptism, hypnotism, racism
-istone that does Buddhist, cellist, dentist, feminist, florist, scientist
-itisan inflammatory diseasearthritis, laryngitis, tonsillitis
-ivetending to, having the nature ofactive, cooperative, corrosive, sensitive, supportive
-izeto make or become, to treat in a mannerdemonize, fossilize, pasteurize, carbonize
-lesswithout, not affected byclueless, endless, fearless, flavorless, friendless, sleepless, tireless
-ly forming an adjective clearly, closely, hourly
-mentthe results of an actionamusement, entertainment, excitement, treatment
-nessdenoting a state or conditionkindness, sadness, wilderness
-oidresemblingandroid, ovoid
-ologythe study ofbiology, geology, theology
-orcondition, state, a person doing an actioncandor, elevator, governor, major, minor, sensor, terror, valor
-osehaving the quality ofcomatose, verbose
-ouscharacterized byadventurous, aqueous, curious, dangerous, generous, mountainous
-shipdenoting a condition, quality, skill or groupcompanionship, citizenship, fellowship, workmanship, membership
-tudein the state offortitude, multitude, solitude
-urean action or process, a collectiveexposure, legislature, procedure, scripture
-yfull of, denoting a condition, or a diminutiveglory, hungry, messy, jealousy, sleepy, victory

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