What are some creative pet bat names

We spend most of the year coming up with ways to pamper our furry BFFS — everything from ugly Christmas sweaters to summertime accessories that’ll keep them cool. But if you’re just welcoming a pet to your home, sometimes the hardest part is coming up with a unique name for your newest addition. Move over, creative baby names: Silly + surprising names for your peachy pets are where it’s at. Scroll on for 15 humans who nailed their fur baby’s moniker.

Most Creative Dog Names

1. Juicy: You thought Juicy was limited to those velour tracksuits you wore in middle school? This tiny pup will have you rethinking everything. BRB: We’re stepping up our bow collection ASAP.

2. Gizmo: This grumpy griffon might not smile for the camera, but that won’t stop you from giggling your way through his entire feed. With a name that stems from the cult classic film, Gremlins, it’s no surprise that he’s got a cult following too.

3. Butter: Of course the genius behind the dangerously addictive food blog Damn Delicious has an adorable BFF with a food-themed name. Our motto — extra butter! — definitely applies here.

4. Butler: So this four-legged cutie might not fetch your newspaper or pour you a cup of coffee, but he’ll definitely keep you full of joy. We say that’s a Butler worth keeping around!

5. Rocco: Rocco is a cute name, but make it Rocco-roni, and now we’re cooking. Not only does this dog inspire us to be more creative with our pet names, but he’s also got us dreaming of amazing #hairgoals too.

Most Creative Cat Names

1. Gandalf: This adventurous cat is proving that there’s no limit to where kitties can venture. While he hasn’t yet conquered Middle Earth, we’re crossing our fingers that he makes it there!

2. Snoopy: While we might associate Snoopy with the beloved cartoon dog, his namesake is just as adorable, whether he’s lounging around in bed or playing dress up in his best cape.

3. Xerxes: We’re a sucker for history, and it’s hard to top a name this powerful. We hope this kitten isn’t as demanding as the ancient king of Persia!

4. Yoda: While we’re not sure if this kitten is as wise as Yoda, there’s no denying that he could match the Jedi wrinkle for wrinkle.