What are the best eyelash enhancers

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Whereas before, people picked on their darkened skin areas and wrinkles, these days it has become quite normal for people to pick on their legs, cellulites, wrinkles, their thin lips, a mole that’s out of place, eyebrows that are too bushy, and even eyelashes that are not as long and fluttery as they wish it to be, and every other possible physical feature possible.

That’s why eyelash enhancers came into the picture.

Types of Eyelash Enhancers for Longer, Fuller Lashes

Well, eyelash enhancers weren’t always around.

Mascaras – First, there were mascaras. However, the difficulty of keeping mascaras in place in its non-stiff, unsmudged state was too challenging to keep up with, particularly for women who are on-the-go.

False Eyelashes – That’s when the false eyelashes or, falsies began to debut in the market. The rigorous preparation of these requirements and the difficulty of getting these off after use has made many women who tried it once to not ever try it again.

Eyelash Extensions – The next best thing to naturally long eyelashes soon became eyelash extensions. Its expensive price tag and the temporary nature of this beauty enhancing technique, however, made it difficult for many women to keep up with the required periodic salon visits.

Eyelash Enhancers – Then eyelash enhancers came along, all promising to give you naturally long, curly and flattering eyelashes you can show off after just a few days of regular application.


Ask anyone which of their physical features they’re not very comfortable with and would like to have enhanced and, chances are, very few will tell you they are not bothered by any physical insecurity.

Perhaps, it’s human nature how people want to be aesthetically presentable at all times — and, the skincare industry players sure are playing up this natural instinct.

So, better scrutinize the products that you are buying and make sure these aren’t going to cause you more harm than good.