What are the most secure email clients

mailbox.org is one of the oldest and most reliable solutions to the privacy needs of email users. The creators of the service have been creating digital security solutions since the 1980s, so you’ll know that your emails are in safe hands.

Like most secure email providers, mailbox.org encrypts your emails end-to-end. This means that the only person who can read the emails you’re sending are the people you’re sending those emails to. If your recipient is using a mailbox.org account as well, then the encryption process works as seamlessly as you’d expect. For recipients that don’t use mailbox.org, mailbox.org sends the recipient a disposable link to view this email. Through this link, the recipient can read and respond to your emails. After they send their response, the link will be discarded, leaving your information safe.

mailbox.org’s servers are in Germany, which means they’re protected by excellent security laws. This provides you with the best chance at anonymity possible. You can even create your mailbox.org account completely anonymously using Bitcoin. mailbox.org doesn’t require you to put in any personal information (though you can add as much as you like), so, by entering nothing and paying in Bitcoin, you can the service with complete, end-to-end encrypted anonymity.