What are the toxic effects of gold

The environmental effects of gold mining are devastating

Gold mining generates inconceivable amounts of waste. Every 40 seconds, gold mining produces the weight of the Eiffel Tower in waste. In less than 5 days, you could cover the city of Paris with “Waste” Towers.

The true price of jewelry

About 50% of all gold is made into jewelry. The gold used to make a single gold ring produces 26 tons of mine waste - the weight of more than 7 African elephants.

Mine waste is highly polluting

Gold is extracted by using cyanide - a very toxic chemical. A dose the size of a single rice grain can kill you. Some mines use several tons of cyanide every day destroying vast amounts of land. Gold mining also produces large amounts of mercury pollution not to mention cadmium, lead, zinc, copper, arsenic and selenium.

Gold mining is energy intensive

The gold industry is a highly energy intensive industry. Extraction and grinding of ore requires almost 90,000 KJ per gram of gold produced or about one day of electricity use for the average american home.

Makes you think

"If humanity knew the truth about gold mining, and how much harm it generates, things would begin to change."

- Mariano Fiestas, San Lorenzo Valley, Peru.

What to do?

We share a responsibility for the destructive effects of gold mining. Ask questions about the jewelry you buy - and remember that recycling helps to avoid mining.