What are the upcoming technologies in Salesforce

What is Salesforce Technology?

Salesforce Technology was developed by the company Salesforce.com, Inc. in the year 1999. It uses Cloud computing technology. The company is very much known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Hence, to understand Salesforce technology, we need to understand what cloud computing is and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

So what is Cloud Computing exactly?

Cloud computing is a method to store the data and accessing the data from the internet instead of storing it on your laptop or PC’s hard disk. Consider the simple example of Google drive. One can access or store the data in it anywhere and anytime from any device with internet connection. This is because the data is stored over the cloud. Just imagine, how easy life has become because of the cloud. You don’t need the traditional heavy hard disks or storage spaces in your laptops, PCs or the mobile phone.

Now, what is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

As the name suggests, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an application which manages the company’s relationship with its customers. In other words, the CRM is a tool through which the company and its employees can analyze the customer interactions, churn rate, buying patterns by maintaining a database. This database consists of distinct attributes of the customer i.e. their ids, past buying history (orders) and many such other details. This application, hence, helps the companies to understand consumer behavior and analyze where to invest to boost up their profits and minimize the losses. Moreover, it also helps to manage a huge database of the customer and to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

So now, we come back to our question. What exactly is the salesforce technology? Combining Cloud computing and CRM, the company salesforce.com, Inc. developed a technology that stores and accesses customer data in their cloud and analyze their sales by understanding the customer transactions using the data in the cloud. Moreover, Salesforce technology manages the interactions with the customer other than being just a CRM for sales and marketing and thus help the organizations grow. Additionally, as per the requirement of the business, the tool can be customized as well. In other words, the businesses can personalize the tool base on their business problem and enhance the functions to integrate with other tools and technologies, like IOT, blockchain, etc. The various products offered by Salesforce technology are as follows:


It is a module in the Salesforce CRM that helps the sales team majorly to efficiently access data over the cloud that includes the contacts, address, products bought, and accounts of various customers that have bought the product from the company. It assists the managers, leadership team and the sales team of that company to connect with the customers and direct the efforts toward more sales.

Now, you have is a module that will help you maintain good relations with the customer. The service cloud module in Salesforce CRM consists of accounts, cases and their solutions. It is designed to allow you to support past, current, and future clients’ requests for assistance with a product, service, billing etc.


Analytics cloud, also known as salesforce wave analytics is a Business Intelligence (BI) module that helps the organization with various data visualizations and analytics. It is an optimized application for mobile access as well. The application supports with data in the form of charts, graphs and other visual forms to understand the attributes of various aspects of the B2C or B2B businesses.

It is a module in the Salesforce CRM which aids the marketers to manage the campaigns and maintain an interactive approach with the clients or the customers. It uses predictive analytics to engage the consumer or recommend products to the eligible consumer. Integration with Service and Sales cloud module in salesforce makes it easier to avoid calling the potential customer repeatedly. The Marketing Cloud integrates the channels or mediums of marketing like social media, emails, advertising, etc. For example, to decide the source of communication for the given product’s publicity.

A community cloud is a module in CRM that deals with the collaboration of partners, employees, and customers for a better customer experience. In other words, through this module, the customers can interact and give feedbacks with respect to the product and the brand. It enhances the customer experience and enriches the organization by providing them with a medium to know the consumer feedback and improvise the products.

Salesforce Technology/Languages used:

Apex is a programming language similar to Java, used for the development and enhancement of Salesforce CRM application. It is used to access data from the CRM’s database and manipulate it as well, by using an API (application user interface). It is also used by developers to customize and personalize the application as per the requisites of the business. It is very easy to control and execute flow, add business logic, trigger various events, etc. by using simple stored procedures.

Visualforce is used by Salesforce CRM to create custom interactive user interfaces (UI) for mobile and web apps. It is similar to HTML and uses tags just like any other Mark-up language. It is very easy to learn and execute and helps in enhancing the look and feel of mobile and web apps in Salesforce technology.

Advantages of Salesforce technology over other CRMs:


One of the most significant factor and advantage of Salesforce technology is that it is completely cloud-based technology. There is no installation or maintenance hassle involved.

  • Customization/Personalization:

As mentioned initially, based on the business’ pre-requisites, the application can be modified and reports can be developed for the enrichment of the software for the particular organization.

It can be easily integrated for analyzing customer behavior and marketing of the product with various other online platforms like social media, web applications, IOT, etc. and also mobile and web applications.

Salesforce CRM provides diverse modules like sales, marketing, analytics, etc. As per the requirement, the users can implement required modules and integrate them within the CRM itself.

It has become more effortless than ever before, to interact with the potential and existing customers. The customer satisfaction grows when their discrepancies are heard, and that’s what this CRM aids the organizations with.

Last but not least, it becomes easier to track customer behavior and feedback with the RDBMS. This historic data helps analyze growth or decline in the purchase of a particular product or service by the organization.

Concluding, Salesforce technology is one of the best CRM tools and technology and is still upcoming with more and more enhancements. It’s a hassle-free tool for better customer interactions and maintaining data, because of cloud-based technology.

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