What are three absolute truths

one around for mathematics to have any meaning at all, so I don't see how it can be true at that point in time when it didn't even exist. Even a concept of absolute truth is relative to individual perceptions of reality.

Oh, and you can't say that "x happened at y" is an absolute truth, because you are containing the statement to a specific point in time, which automatically makes it relative. "I read this article at 11:19 pm on june 20" is not an absolute truth. It was not true, because on june 19th, it hadn't even happened. And saying "I read this article" is not an absolute truth either, for the same reason.

Any arguments in this subject based on morality or religion are, actually, I won't even go there, only to say they're highly subjective.

Regarding mathematics, but not science (science is theories by consensus and does not claim to be absolute) is where my mind really rebels. Did 1+1=2 even before the concept of mathematics existed?

To me, absolute truth is pretty much the same as "God", because that's the only other thing that I know of that is infinite. Except of course in mathematics where infinite seems to pop up all over the damn place, but mixing philosophy with mathematics is pretty dangerous territory imo. Irrational numbers -- bleh! And I don't believe in God, so that can't be an absolute truth, because it's not true to me.

And if truth is different for different people, which is it, how can truth be absolute? Because for truth to exist, it must be filtered through conscious reality, which itself is inherently relative. The whole thing hurts my brain!