What do you think about Ticci Toby

WARNING! Suggestive themes, fucking language, gore, and smexiness~ 


Slenderman removed his hand from your (skin color) forehead then stuck a thermometer into your mouth. Slenderman turned to Toby and did the same. When Slenderman wasn't looking, however, Toby placed his own thermometer onto a light bulb quickly and stuffed it back under his tongue.

Once Slenderman examined the thermometers, he shook his head. "You two are both sick with fevers! Unfortunately, since you two are too sick, you'll have to stay home for Christmas instead of heading into the mountains. That means you'll be alone for a couple of days." 

You groaned and stuffed your face into a pillow. You wanted to go up to the mountains this year, it would've been your first time hanging out with the CreepyPastas during the Christmas season, since you've always hung with your insane Grandma but she died this year (much to your disappointment). 

Toby pulled down his smiley mouth guard and stuck out his tongue out childishly, "no fair! You're leaving us to our own devices? We're too sick to deal with this!" Toby gave Slenderman a kicked-puppy look. 

You smiled a bit, you knew Toby was trying to coax Slendy and the gang into staying until you got better. He was excited that a person with 'good waffle tastes' would join him for Christmas this year.

Slenderman, if he had a face, would've looked irritated. "Don't give me that look, Toby!" Slenderman scolded. "You know perfectly well that you're a killer and can fend for yourself! And besides, you have company! Now behave while we're gone!" 

Slenderman sets a bottle of Nightquil on a kitchen counter and walked out of the room to pack the lugagge into the CreepyPasta Car; aka: 'big-creepy-white-van-that-you-walk-a-little-faster-when-you-see-it.' (Slenderman disapproved the name).

The other CreepyPastas walked out after that, giving you two looks of pity, smirks or both. "Now don't loose your virginity while we're gone you two." BEN laughed, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. You blushed while Toby growled, well, tried to before a cough racked his body, his twitching disorder making his movements sharper and more glitchy than usual.

BEN smirked and pranced outside, singing, "THEY'RE GONNA DO IT!!!!" Jeff laughed along with BEN and flicked both of you upside the head playfully. In response, Toby coughed and cursed them under his breath.

Before the two left, Jeff added, "open our present last~" You couldn't help but feel truly scared of Jeff and BEN for once.

Timeskip~ Alone Time~

You two watched as the car pulled out of the driveway and drived away. After they were gone for sure, Toby jumped up and screamed, "PARTAH!!!" He started jumping up and down on the couch. You laughed raspily before a cough replaced your laughter. "T-Toby c'mon, I'm s-sick and y-you are t-too." You shivered, chills running up and down your spine. 

Toby pouted and coughed. "I just have a small cough." He twitched. "I just lied so I can stay here with you." He gave you a thumbs-up and winked through his orange googles. Your cheeks became flushed. You've had a crush on the double-ax holding  proxy for a long time, you still remember the night you met him...

~Flashback~ (you're 13 years old in the flashback but 15 in present time~ This doesn't follow Toby's timeline of age, he's said to go cray cray at the age of 17 but still, GTFOI)

You jumped up and down on the couch, eating chocolate and annoying the newfound killer, Jeff. Jeff was an interesting character when Slendy took him in. He actually did startle you with his appearance at first. With his skin as white as paper, his burnt eyelids and cut-in smile, it took you awhile to talk to him but when you did, he seemed to already decide that he disliked you, hate you even. 

Slenderman was currently out finding proxies for himself since you had 'graduated' from him. Yep, you were a proxy but you became so good at your 'job' he named you an official CreepyPasta. Unlike the other CreepyPastas who had a signature look, such as a mask or form, you just looked like a regular human. 

Anyways, you were in charge while he was out and so, as your first action of being the boss, you defied your no-sugar restriction and was currently eating a chocolate bar. Due to the sugar, you became full of energy and was trying your very best to annoy Jeffery by jumping on the couch he was lazily sitting on. 

Jeff hissed when you 'accidently' stepped on his pale hand. "You bitch! Don't step on my beautiful hand!" 

You grinned deviously and stomped on his leg. Jeff cried out and held his calf, cradling it. You laughed and took a large bite of the Hershey bar. 

Jeff glared at you then tackled you, holding a knife to your throat. You just chuckled and grabbed his hand. "You're such a noob." You then pressed his hand nerve, causing the knife to drop. You kicked him in the balls and watched as he fell to the floor, groaning. You examined his bloody kitchen knife, tracing your finger across the blade and over the semi-dried blood. 

Being the curious blood-sucker you are, you licked the blade and tasted the crimson liquid. You smacked your lips together and confirmed, "yep, O positive, common but fucking delicious." If looks could kill, Jeff would've sent you 6 feet under. "That's my brother's blood you just tasted, leech."

You smiled mockingly and stuck the knife in your black hoodie's pocket. "Your brother is yummy enough to eat. And for your information, I'm not a vampire, smiley, I'm just a human with odd tastes." 

"More like a cannibal like Jack." Jeff muttered, taking out another smaller knife.

You scoffed and sauntered into the kitchen, taking out 'ingredients'. "Jack has brilliant tastes, kidneys aren't THAT bad. I personally prefer the heart, it holds most of the blood." You informed, stirring batter with your 'special sauce'. Jeff rolled his eyes and held out his hand. "Can I have my fucking knife back?" 

You stuck out your bottom lip. "How 'bout...no." You grinned and grabbed the waffle maker, plugging it into the nearest outlet.

Jeff's face scrunched up when he saw your batter. "Are you making...bloody waffles...?" An insane grin stretched across your face, enough to make Jeff's cut-in smile go to shame. "Maybe~" You chirped, pouring the red batter into the waffle maker then closed it, letting it cook.

The unique yet rare scent of AB negative filled your nose, causing you to inhale deeply. Jeff gagged, "are you burning rotten flesh or something?!" You huffed, "that's the scent of delectable Red Velvet waffles, smiley." Jeff rolled his ever-staring-creepily eyes. "I don't think that's what Red Velvet is. And DON'T CALL ME SMILEY DAMNED VAMPIRE!" He barked.

You glared and stuck your tongue out. "Whatever smiley. I do as I please~" You opened the waffle holder and placed the crimson good on a simple, white paper plate. You grabbed a fork and was about to greedily shove it in your mouth when a stern voice cleared his voice.

You yelped and dropped your Hershey bar onto the wooden floor, the 'Red Velvet' waffle falling back onto its plate. "S-Slenderman," you stammered, becoming nervous. "I was just making Red Velvet waffles." You squeaked, shrinking at his tall and menacing form.


You expected him to scold you for eating sugar but Slenderman just sighed. Something shifted from behind him. "Uh...Slen-" I know, I found a new proxy. He stated telepathically to you and Jeff.

You blinked then squealed in excitement and ran to Slenderman's side to see the new proxy. A boy about your age met your (eye color) orbs. His pale fingers twitched and trembled as they gripped Slenderman's suit.


He had messy brown locks and dark bags under his brown and green eyes. Blood covered his body and his clothes were torn and burnt. His neck cracked multiple times and he looked jittery and nervous, glancing his eyes around as if something would pop out and scare him. 

You grinned and grabbed his twitchy hand and held it to your mouth, revealing a sharp fang (the only one unfortunately) and pricked his finger. Unlike the others who you did the same 'ritual' with, he didn't wince but looked at you curiously as you swabbed your finger with his blood and licked the liquid from your finger. 

You smacked your lips together and smiled. "Yep~ A positive and a CreepyPasta~" 

You held out a hand, "name's (First Name) (Last Name), you?" In a shaky voice he answered, "T-Toby. Ticci Toby. I-I don't know m-much. I t-think it's called a-amnesia. Mr. Slenderman said so." You shook your head in shame. "Silly Slendy~"


Jeff examined Toby and sneered. "I'm Jeff. What's your problem? You're all twitchy."

You glared at Jeff and bitch-slapped him, anger growing in your eyes. "Don't make me put you in my waffles, Jeffery." You grinned manically and took his knife out and approached him. Jeff scowled, bringing out the other small knife. "Bring it cannibal."


Before you could rip Jeff open, Slenderman used his tentacles to break you apart. You are as bad as Jane when it comes to Jeff, (Name).

You smirked, "that whore ain't got nothin' on me." Slenderman took away your knives and, before he could drag Jeff to bed, he telepathically said to you, Toby has C.I.P.A (he can't feel any pain, he's numb to it) and Tourette Syndrome (his twitching and cracking)


You gave a curt nod to Slenderman before he took a complaining Jeff up to bed, leaving you with Toby.

So that's why he didn't wince when I bit him. You thought. He's soooo lucky that he can't feel pain. Doesn't that mean I can... 


An insane glint flickered in your eyes. Before you could move, Slenderman added, don't use him for any Red Velvet goods you make! 

You pouted and huffed a "fine." Toby gave you a strange look, holding his arm as if it were his lifeline. "What are you?"


He pointed to the steamy waffle. "What's that?" You gasped and faked a hurt look. "I'm just another insane human dearie~ one that drinks blood, DON'T CALL ME A VAMPIRE." You affirmed. You then grabbed his hand and skipped merrily into the kitchen.

What you failed to notice was the pink tinted on his cheeks. "This..." you held up the waffle and bit into the iron-tasting, fluffy treat. "...is a waffle. Since you probably don't like AB negative, I'll make you a none-," your nose scrunched up in disgust. 

"...bloody one." He finished. You nodded and hummed to yourself as you made a normal batch. "I don't remember the last time I even had a normal waffle." You chuckled, pouring the light tan batter into the waffle maker. 

"That's...nice." He said uncertainly. You giggled and brought the waffle out of the metal inferno and placed it on a different plate than yours. "Here, it's hot." Without a second thought, he picked it up and bit into it. He chewed and swallowed with a no change in expression whatsoever and that worried you. "Is it...good?" It was your turn to have a tone of uncertainty in your voice. 

His usual (or so you thought) sullen expression lit up and he jumped up and down. "T-This is delicious! M-MAKE ANOTHER I-I DEMAND OF YOU (NAME)!"  He declared loudly in a more hyped-up voice than his old mood, his neck cracking several times. You jumped at his voice but then cheered. "Yay~" 

You two then ate several batches of waffles (his normal and yours with blood), each waffle tasting more yummier than the last. During your waffle baking, Toby even let you (usually you force someone into giving you their blood) cut his wrist and take his blood when the AB negative ran out! Once you tasted his blood in the waffles, you nearly got up and started dancing. "YOUR BLOOD TASTES A-MAZING IN WAFFLES TOBY!!!" You screamed and glomped him. 

His face heated up but he reluctantly hugged back, unsure whether or not he should be flattered or scared at your reaction. Slenderman suddenly shouted from on top of the staircase. I have new clothes for you, Toby! You smiled and grabbed his hand. "Let's go Toby!" Toby's shy self blushed harder but followed you. 

That was the start of a beautiful friendship. 

~Back to the Present~

Colorful strobe lights flashed on and off in the dark mansion, nightcore music blaring through all the speakers in the house. In the middle of the mess were you and Toby covered in glow sticks, doing ridiculous dance moves. You were coughing and laughing hysterically at the same time while your infamous 'Red Velvet' waffles littered the couch, each one dripping with different blood types onto the carpeted floor. Both of you were covered in blood, your weapons were coated in the stuff as they laid at the entrance of the back door.

Toby was cracking his neck and twitching horribly, more than usual, but it didn't faze you. You were so used to Toby's twitching since the beginning that you actually enjoyed the sound of bones crackingBlood was splattered all over the kitchen  and your hands were covered in the liquid. You swore, if you weren't human, your eyes would've become a different color just from the smell of the metallic blood.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Toby screamed, spraying yellow silly string into your hair. You screeched in surprise and sprayed him back with green. After all the string was gone, you took whip cream and sprayed it onto your hand, shouting, "SMACK CAM!" and smashing Toby's face with the cream and laughed, coughing in the process as your glow sticks jingled around. 

You were shaking with the rush of sweet blood and sugar in your veins. Toby removed his orange goggles, something he hasn't done in years. His green, brown ones stared into your (eye color) orbs for what seemed like forever. You blushed and averted your eyes downwards. "(Name)." He said softly. "Look up."

You looked up in time for a black glove come smacking into your (skin color) skin with whip cream. Toby doubled over in laughing, his voice muffled by the mouthguard he exclaimed, "the look on your face was priceless!" You pouted then whined, "that huuurt Toby~!" 

Toby patted your shoulder then asked, "hey, since it's Christmas Eve, wanna watch a movie?" You nodded, wiping the whip cream from your eyes. After the cream was somewhat devoid from your faces, you sat on the couch while he inserted The Conjuring into the DVR. Once the movie reached the part where they figure out it's a witch from the Salem trials, you shuddered in horror at the thought of an evil witch. 

Toby sensed your fear. "Glob (Name), you can stomach blood, guts, Jeff and freaking Slenderman but you can't handle a witch?!" He said disbelievingly, shaking his head. 

You felt chills run up and down your spine at the thought and you hid your face in his chest, not wanting to watch the Conjuring. Toby sighed and hugged you, twitching slightly. "Whatever, BUT I'm still watching The Conjuring because Masky dared me to see it." You cursed Masky's name then whimpered and coughed when you heard screaming, shutting your eyes and wanting the movie to be over.

You fluttered open your eyes to see faint daylight streaming through the windows, gray clouds covering the sky. When you were about to get up, something groaned and kept you strapped to the couch, warmth flooding into your skin on your backside. You looked to your side and saw Toby peacefully sleeping from under you. You flushed and looked around the room, realizing something was wrong.

Everything was clean, EVERYTHING. No blood splattered on the floors and walls, the speakers and strobe lights were gone along with your waffles and your weapons. You shook Toby awake, his googles and mouthguard were missing too. 

Well...sorta. The items were placed besides Toby. Once Toby came out of his sleepy coma-like state, he became aware of the proximity of you two and he jumped back. He started making inaudible noises as pink dusted his gray cheeks. "I-I cleaned everything w-when you were asleep..." Toby muttered, noticing your odd looks when you glanced around the room.

You giggled and poked his heated cheeks. "So you watched me sleep eh? Why so flustered, Toto?" You joked, talking like the Joker. He blushed again and looked away, eyeing the presents. "It's Christmas!" He changed the subject, kneeling down and picking up a random present, tossing you a small box of rose-colored paper and a ribbon of white then going to open his own presents. 

You looked at the tag and it read: Clockwork and Sally.

You ripped open the top and it revealed a...ring? You felt slightly disappointed but took out the ring from the bottom of the box nonetheless. The ring had a rather large red rose which was melded together to two twisted bands of silver [Ignore the single band] . 

A note lied on the bottom:

Open the sides of the rose, you'll enjoy this~

Use this wisely and make sure to give your enemies a scare~


Clockwork and Sally

You grinned insanely, and popped open the rose to reveal a tan powder lying in a tiny glass encasement. "Clocky and Sally, you sly dogs!" You cackled, placing the ring on your hand. "You gave me poison~!" You popped open the top of the case, carefully sniffing it. Yep, it was poison all right with no scent and probably no taste. You closed the encasement and placed it back into the rose then lowered it back into the box. 

You heard Toby snort, his neck cracking, and you looked over and your mouth dropped. First off, Toby opened one of your presents (apparently he finished opening all of his and wanted to open another) and second off, he was holding underwear and a bra. Jane had given you skimpy lingerie. Toby was too busy laughing his ass off to comprehend your intense blush. 

You snatched the things away from Toby, along with the box. Jane's card read:

You better use this~

You never know if Toby gets horny

-Jane (you'll thank me later)

Your blush intensified and you threw the underwear into the box and closed it with a huff. "That slut...thinking that I'm a whore..." You grumbled. 

You opened the rest of the presents rather quickly because Toby was dying to see Jeff's and BEN's gift. Slendy gave you a knife set, Masky and Hoodie gave you a new waffle baker, and Eyeless Jack got you a black shirt that read, 'I'm InSanE' with a blood splattered background.

That left you with BEN's and Jeff's to open. 

You and Toby exchanged looks then tore open the wrapping paper to reveal a cardboard box. You opened it, a note on top of everything else reading:

Reach into it without looking, grab the first thing you touch and hold it above both of you.

You're welcome.

-Jeff and BEN <3

"Grab whatevers in there." You urged Toby, terrified. What if they got you a snake or worse...a large hairy spider. You shuddered at the thought. Toby twitched his fingers then hesitantly reached into the box and grabbed something. He did as the note said and pulled it out. Above both of you was...


"..." was all that was heard throughout the house. Your faces were so cherry that nothing could get redder. You two looked at each other with unknown expressions. You stared into Toby's hazel eyes then leaned in and pressed your lips against his. He froze for a second but kissed back, caressing your cheek and dropping the mistletoe. You ran your fingers through his soft hair and thumbed his neck. 

You two pulled apart when you needed cursed air. As you slightly panted, he confessed. "(Name), I've always liked you ever since the day we first crossed paths. You were so kind that I..." his shy face was just like the day you met: red and glancing around the room. 

You brushed your lips against his and shut him up. Your smile wasn't like the others you produced, it wasn't maniacal nor sickly sweet, but a real, genuine smile curled onto your lips. "I love you too Ticci Toby." His eyes lit up and your lips met once again. He tasted like...waffles. 

Once you parted, he pulled out an orange and white box with a green bow on top. He opened it and revealed a necklace. Not just any regular, girly necklace but one with a silver chain and an ax dangling off it. "W-Will you be my girlfriend?" 

You gasped and tackled Toby in a hug. "YepYepYepYES!! Oh, I love it Toby! It isn't like those stupid pink and flowery ones! I love it!" You pecked Toby and pulled up your (hair color) locks. "Put it on!" His cold fingers brushed against your warm skin, causing you to feel chills. It felt...nice.

Once the cold metal was on, you examined it on your neck. "You're mine now." He declared, grinning. You grinned back and tackled him into a kiss. 

For once, you thanked the pervy gamer and whiny killer.