What does an ethnic Scandinavian look like

A fairly large percentage of the population originally comes from foreign origins, so they hold no common characteristics. If you mean traditionally, it can vary a lot depending on the part of Scandinavia.. not just the country, but areas within the country. Populated areas in Norway, for example, were very isolated due to natural barriers (like mountains) so people from one area can look very distinct from another. I know you want a blanket answer, but there’s really not one. I can tell you what a stereotypical Scandinavian looks like, but it’s not a good representation of the general population. A historical survey done in the 1920s puts people just from Sweden into 4 or 5 main physical types. While there are more blondes in Nordic countries than elsewhere, especially in the center of Finland and Sweden, there are also many natural brunettes. The white-blonde hair that’s become a stereotype is only common to a small percentage. Most people have dark blonde or light brown hair, and li