What does an excavating contractor do

Excavating contractors are the professionals who ensure that the foundations to buildings, including your home, are dug properly! Excavating contractors operate heavy equipment, like; bulldozers, backhoes, forward loaders, and excavators. Various tasks are performed by the excavation contractors like; constructing and repairing highways, roads and driveways, preparing sites for building work, grading areas of exposed soil, digging trenches for foundations, pipes and conduits etc. Excavation contractors are service professionals who ensure they complete their work on time, following safety protocols and all necessary code requirements.

Are you wondering why you need to hire professional excavation contractors for your project?

1. Excavating contractors clear construction sites:

Building work starts with clearing the site of anything and everything that is in the way of the building project! If necessary old buildings are knocked down, old foundations dug up, trees cut down and tree roots dug up. All the debris is removed and the site leveled ready to excavate the foundation.

2. Excavating contractors dig the foundation:

The excavating contractor will interpret the site plans and excavate the ground to allow the foundation forms to be installed and the foundation to be poured exactly where and how it is detailed on the plans. It is the excavation contractors job to make sure that the excavation crew dig the trenches and hole for the foundation in the correct place so the foundation and basement can be poured correctly.
After the foundation is poured, sets and passes inspection the excavation contractor backfills around the new foundation and building work can begin.

3. Excavating contractors operate heavy equipment:

Heavy equipment operators are experts at operating heavy earth moving equipment. It requires a lot of skill, training and experience to operate heavy equipment like; bulldozers, cranes, graders, rollers, front end loaders, pumps and compressors properly. Using such equipment without the right training can be disastrous. It is essential to hire skilled heavy equipment operators to execute site clearing and foundation preparation.

4. Excavating contractors build new and refurbished driveways:

Excavating contractors prepare the ground for new and refurbished driveways. This may be as simple as grading the surface material and putting down the foundation layers before the finish is laid. Or it may involve removing trees, roots, boulders, and bed rock to provide a suitable gradient before the foundation layers can be put down. Either way using a excavation contractor who not only understands what needs to be done, but can operate the heavy equipment necessary to do the work properly, is essential. After the foundation is laid the finishing material needs to be installed which can range from loose stone, to paving stone or tarmac. An experienced driveway construction team understands all that needs to be done, and will execute it perfectly.

5. Excavating contractors prepare for septic system Installations:

Most excavating contractors can prepare the ground for a new septic system but not all can install a septic system. Special licenses and training is required to install a new septic system. It is very important that a septic system is installed correctly the first time, repairing a malfunctioning or failed septic system is costly and difficult. Septic system should only be installed by qualified, experienced and licensed professionals. Make sure that the company installing your septic system has the necessary experience, qualifications and licenses in place.

6. Excavating contractors manage their excavation business:

Excavation contractors are required to follow safe on-site job practices required by the Occupational and Safety Hazard Association. Most States prefer that excavation contractors are licensed and bonded; in being so they are considered to be more experienced and carry the necessary liability insurance coverage for the work they do, their employees and their clients. Excavation contractors ensure that work done follows all regulatory and code requirements.

Excavating Contractors in Oxford MA:

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