What does BTK in BTK Killer mean

The victims' families have also petitioned, unsuccessfully, to see that he is deprived of access to radio, television, and magazines. As of April 2006, he has attained "Incentive Level Two" status for good behavior, despite receiving a disciplinary citation for a "mail" violation that same month. He has no other recorded disciplinary reports since and remains in solitary confinement.

The BTK Killer's victims and families

In total, Rader confessed to killing 10 people and no other crimes during or after his active period have been identified. The following are the names, ages, and details about the people whose lives he ended.

The Otero family

Joseph Otero, 38, was a former Air Force sergeant and father of five. At the time of the murders, his three oldest children had already left for school. Charlie, the eldest, was only 15, followed by Danny, 14, and Carmen, 13. Danny and Carmen were the ones to discover their parents' and younger siblings' bodies.