What does the new Banksy mural mean

The infamous artist Banksy has confirmed he is behind the latest mysterious graffiti work - which holds a hidden anti-Brexit message -  on a bridge in Hull.

In an Instagram post anonymous Banksy seemed to confirm the mural was his latest work by sharing a picture of the art to his near two million followers.

The surprise art of a young boy wearing a helmet and cape alongside the words 'Draw the raised bridge', provoked a social media storm yesterday.

The new Banksy mural, pictured, appeared overnight on on Thursday featuring a young boy and anti-Brexit message

Locals stood beside the mural which was located on Jenning Street in Hull featuring the campaigning young boy 

The artwork was painted on an old drawbridge in Hull. Locals said they first spotted the work early on Thursday morning

The clever graffiti gives of the illusion that the young boy is sitting on some already existing bubble style writing graffiti.

However Councillors in the area are calling for the artwork to be removed despite calling his work 'mindbogglingly brilliant.'

Hull Cllr. John Abbott says the suspected Banksy should be 'cleaned off', but accepts there is a case for preserving the artwork.

He said: ' It should be cleaned off and then photographed and kept, as Banksy is not a man without talent.'

The graffiti piece was first spotted on Scott Street Bridge, Hull, by passers-by on Thursday.

Eager social media users have shared their appreciation of the piece, with fans describing the mural as 'genius' and 'cool.'

With one Instagram user even saying: 'Thank you for inspiring us all'. 

One local councillor suggested the work should be painted over after someone takes a photograph of it for posterity 

Banksy confirmed the artwork was one of his by posting a photograph of the image on his Instagram feed

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New Banksy mural with 'Brexit message' appears in Hull