What if the incels ruled the world


A man who is celibate due to his mental status. This usually refers to a mental health condition or Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but may also refer to low intelligence.


Men Going Their Own Way. A group of men who identify as wanting nothing to do with women. They have a home at r/MGTOW. They spend a significant amount of their time complaining about women and arguing that they lie about sexual assault, which is entirely consistent with being men who care about men's issues and don't want women involved in their lives. 


Also mogmogged. To be dominated by another man's looks. E.g. "this chad mogs me with his muscular body". Often used semi-ironically, such as "his eyebrows mog me", or "Elliot Rodger mogs me".

According to a user on r/IncelTears, mog originates from "AMOG", or "Alpha Male of Group". it originated in Pick-Up Artist (PUA) communities. It can also be prefixed, e.g. "heightmogged", "lifemogged", and applied to aspects not to do with physical appearance.


Originally used in contrast with "aspie" (someone on the autistic spectrum), this term has now come to be used to refer to anyone who is broadly neurotypical, average-looking and of average intelligence. As with terms like chad, it simultaneously connotes mockery and envy - some incels long to be normies, whilst at the same time believing them to have an inferior worldview and belief system.


A woman whose labia have stretched as a result of having sex with multiple men. The idea is that the labia subsequently look like roast beef. Some incels use this term "ironically", whilst others appear to genuinely believe that labia change shape as a result of the partners that women have. They do not. 

Ricecel - Man who is involuntarily celibate because he is Chinese or of other Asian descent. As with some other incel terms, this manages to come remarkably close to a structural critique of racism and white supremacy, but the underlying reasoning that ricecels use is almost always grounded in the evolutionary psychology of women, rather than socially constructed structures of oppression. There are obviously significant issues facing Asian men - not least the 80 million more men than women who now live in India and China as a result of sex-selective abortion, infanticide and years of cultural and economic conditions that have facilitated them. As with some other incel grievances, there are kernels of fact in the idea of ricecels, but they are distorted to fit into a fundamentally misogynist worldview.


Whilst directly inciting suicide on r/Braincels is not allowed, suicide is a cultural trope amongst the incel community and members will often talk about wanting to "rope" themselves or similar.


Used to denote a woman who has sex with a lot of men (usually chads) and is stereotypically air-headed, unintelligent, beautiful and promiscuous. As with other terms used to describe women, Stacy homogenises and demeans them.




True incel. Reflecting debates around authenticity and the purity of the incel label, this is used to denote someone who is really incel. This might mean that they have never kissed/touched a woman, or that they genuinely could not have sex even if they tried. Contrast with volcel.


Used to denote a black man who is a Chad equivalent, though usually also with racist and classist overtones. Tyrone might cuck you, but Stacy will ultimately leave Tyrone for Chad because Chad is white, and incels believe that women will always prefer white men because of the power and status they hold.


Voluntarily celibate. A man who could have sex. Incels use this as a gatekeeping term to indicate men whom they think are "objectively" not incel. It's also used to describe MGTOW and similar men, who choose not to associate with women. There is an overtone of derision in the word, as incels tend to see sex as a privilege and a need, and not something to be thrown away if it is a possibility for a man.


A man who is incel because of the circumference of his wrists. Again, because this is a relatively immutable quality, much like other aspects of bone structure, it is seen as an unchangeable marker of genetic inferiority, and therefore something that will condemn incels to sexual celibacy forever.

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I hope you find this glossary (or dictionary) helpful, both in understanding the words that incels use and gaining some insight into the worldview that underpins their community. As I've argued elsewhere, the words that they come up with and the meanings that they connote reflect an enormous amount about their beliefs, particularly with respect to the immutability of their condition and the fundamentally duplicitious and subhuman nature of women.

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