What if Titanic had a thicker hull

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Can anyone tell me how thick the Titanic's hull was, and is such a thickness comparible to the thickness of hull on modern ships?

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I believe, but am not certain, that the hull of Titanic was around two feet thick. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong; I would hate to be the bearer of misinformation.

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Just wondering does that mean 60cm thick in the metric system?
Sorry if i did not make myself clear.

Yes Mark i am reffering to the hull plating, sorry if I confused anyone.
the hull plating on Titanic was one inch (2.5+/- cm) thick.
I do not know how that compares to today's ships.
Sorry, I did not know you were specifically referring to the plates.
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Sorry for not replying sooner but I have been kept busy. Thanks for your responses, they are very helpfull and much appreciated.

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Maybe I can add some interesting information here:
I heard the hull plates of modern ships are much thinner. Because the steel used now is stronger and less brittle than in Titanic's days.

Maybe the experts on the subject (I'm sure they're out there!) can correct or confirm this.

Hi Jean, the thickness of the steel used depends on several factors such as the quality of the steel used, it's application, spaceing of framework and the size of the ship. I've seen hull cuts on several frigates and destroyers where the plating wasn't all that thick at all. On an aircraft carrier, I've noted hull plating an inch thick. It has to be in order to carry the load of the flight deck which is (Supposedly)armoured in some places and the weight of up to fifty fully loaded warplanes.

Plating used for the hull itself will tend to be thicker as this is the part of the structure that carries the heaviest load. For superstructures, it will tend to be thinner as it's not carrying the whole load of the ships weight. It's also wise to keep it thinner to avoid topweight problems.

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